Ultimate Seattle Sundae Adventure: Part I

I like ice cream, and I love a good adventure. So when Carrie Brown and I scheduled a day to hang out, and I had already been pondering what an ‘ultimate Seattle ice cream sundae’ would consist of, I decided to put two and two together.

Seattle Sundae Theo Sipping ChocolateThe day before, I dropped by KuKuRuZa, where they had a bag of popcorn ready and waiting for me. Of course, I had to try a few of the other flavors, like cookies and cream, which are all made on site. After that, I was off to the Molly Moon’s Capitol Hill shop, where I picked up a pint each of Scout Mint and Strawberry Rhubarb sorbet. They made the ice cream on site, with a window by the freezer for watching ice cream in action.

I watched Scout Mint being made and wondered if I could ever convince Molly Moon to give me a five gallon bucket of it.

The next day, Carrie and I hit up Theo Chocolate, snapping a few photos before their daily tour started. Val, our beyond awesome guide, led a great discussion about Theo’s practices and treats, with a tasting ranging from the uber-dark 91% all the way to milk chocolate. Then we were whisked into the factory, where checked out the machines and sampled lemon ganache in their kitchen.
Seattle Sundae Bluebird hot fudge
After the tour, we took off our hairnets and met with Audrey, who went to the back room and presented us with treats for the sundae: chipotle spice sipping chocolate and candied nibs. Toppings acquired, we had one last stop to make: Bluebird Microcreamery.

Mike met us at Bluebird’s front door and told the story of Bluebird’s origins, from Josh slaving away with tiny ice cream machines in Capitol Hill to the opening of their Fremont location. They don’t have their liquor license yet, but they’re next door to Pie, which is already a truly dangerous pairing.

I was distracted by the dense, delicious peanut butter ice cream, made with CB’s nuts, and the chocolate pudding. (I also recommend the marionberry if it’s in season, but I love chocolate and peanut butter.) Mike sent us on our way with a pint of both and a cup of their beautiful hot fudge.

With all the components ready, we gathered our prizes and began to scoop and shoot, the Bluebird pints rapidly melting into soup.

Seattle Sundae ice creamDid you ever go to a sundae shop when you were a kid, and your parents let you order an ice cream mountain the size of your head? That was totally the feeling I had, eating ice cream and laughing while we rearranged bowls for photos.

The sorbet we kept by itself, topping it with the chunks of sipping chocolate. It was delicate, with the spiciness of the chocolate keeping the sorbet from feeling rich. The rest, though, was all pure gluttony. I put all three flavors in a bowl, topped it with popcorn, nibs, and hot fudge, and dug in.

I am so glad that Theo, Bluebird, Molly Moon, and KuKuRuZa supported our adventure, and I really hope I can repeat it soon.

Next post, I’ll go into detailed descriptions of the ingredients.

About Jessica Tupper

Jessica Tupper is busy, and likes it that way. As the Food Ninja, she likes to figure out new ways to explore the Seattle food scene - from eating at all the Tom Douglas restaurants in one day to epic sundaes using Bluebird and Molly Moon ice creams. Silly hats may or may not be involved. If you have an upcoming event, grand opening, great product, contact us


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