The Best Wines For Outdoor Entertaining: Stacked Wines Bring Value & Taste to the Table

This time of year, the weather turns just gorgeous. You can open your windows, sit out on the patio in the evenings, start planning those camping trips, and spend weekends trying to decide what to grill. If it’s an outdoor event you’ll be entertaining at, we’ve got the perfect wines for you!

STACKED Wines were developed by a small group of wine lovers who met while pursuing their MBA’s at UC Irvine. They realized there was an untapped market for folks who needed smaller serving, yet, high quality wines for when one glass was just enough.  STACKED Wines are four individually packaged glasses, sealed against oxidation, and whose total volume equals a standard (750 ml) bottle of wine.  The overall package looks like an exotic flower vase; with each glass firmly connected to the next. Each glass easily snaps off the ‘stack’ for individual quaffing, with a ‘glass’ made of high-tech plastic that looks similar to Reidel’s stemless glassware. They’re also recyclable and reusable.

STACKED’s ingenious design makes the wines easy to transport and store in a picnic basket or backpack.  The beauty of the packaging that you no longer have to carry a corkscrew, worry about resealing a half empty bottle during transport, nor worry about breaking glassware to and from the event.  Stacked wine’s ingenious design takes care of these pesky details so that you can concentrate on the finer parts of your meal- grilling to perfection, making sure the brownies are plated and fighting off the ants that always show up at picnics.

I was lucky enough to serve all three varietals – Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio and Merlot this past month to a few groups of friends. My cookbook club, consisting of a group of avid food bloggers and writers paired the whites with vegetable dishes inspired by the cookbooks we were reviewing.  Another group of friends grilled steaks, and enjoyed the Merlot on a fine September evening.  In all cases, the wines paired well with the foods we chose to make – vegetable tarts and cold salads and steaks cooked to perfection on the grill.

We were highly impressed with the quality and convenience of STACKED wines, and can’t wait till they are more readily distributed.

STACKED wines are available on line for California residents.  STACKED has partnered with Liquorama  for purchases outside of the State of California. Please consult with your individual state regulations about on-line purchases of wine and spirits.


About STACKED Wines
The idea was conceived as Matt Zimmer, creator and packaging engineer, drank a stale glass of wine from a bottle that had been opened just a few nights before. He knew he could invent a better packaging solution that added a portability factor combined with a stylish design. Zimmer started
sketching and STACKED Wines was born. He succeeded in creating a 100% recyclable packaging that not only preserves wine longer but allows wine drinkers to enjoy single serve glasses at home or on the go! Today, the innovative company offers wine for simple style, top quality taste and ultra convenience.

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