So You Want to be a Chef? Welcome to the First-Ever Online Culinary School

Welcome to the 21st century. Culinary school will never be the same.

Triumph Higher Education Group today announced the launch of the first-ever online culinary school, the Escoffier Online International Culinary Academy. Never before has a program of this caliber been paired with the accessibility and affordability of the web. Modeled after the most prestigious culinary institutes in the world, Escoffier Online offers a comprehensive curriculum of cooking techniques and fundamentals – without the physical, financial, and time constraints of a traditional culinary school – through an online platform that combines learning essentials into one intuitive, easy to use interface.

The first of its kind in the world, Escoffier Online puts culinary school within reach for beginners and enthusiasts alike – from the aspiring chef seeking a career to the hobbyist taking a passion to new heights. Tuition is only $5,000, which includes access to a detailed curriculum, a professional kit of essential cooking tools, and a personal culinary mentor gleaned from a team of accomplished professional chefs. The chef-designed program focuses on the building blocks of a culinary education, with core courses covering Culinary Basics, Culinary Groundwork, Culinary Essentials, and Culinary Careers. Each course includes a series of interactive learning modules addressing a multitude of topics, from basic knife skills to stock and mother sauce preparation, braising and roasting, and more. Every module culminates with an assessment that includes a self-evaluation, recipe preparation, and one-on-one mentor review. The program is designed to take two to four months, with up to one year to complete coursework. No set start dates means that students can begin their culinary journey anytime, anywhere, as long as they have access to a kitchen and a computer.

In addition to delivering a prestigious and wide-ranging program with expanded flexibility and convenience, Escoffier Online’s on-demand, interactive platform offers unique features for both personal and professional development. With 24×7 access to lessons and support, students can continuously work on perfecting techniques and share ideas, tips, and questions with fellow classmates in an inviting, collaborative online environment. They also begin building a customized online portfolio the instant they enroll, with details on completed coursework and skills, images of successful dishes, comments from chef mentors, and more that can be easily shared with prospective employers. A final course sharpens students’ abilities in the workplace, with modules on conflict resolution, teamwork, resume writing, and interviewing, plus a Q&A with mentor chefs to discuss their own experiences in the kitchen.

“This is truly a revolution in the world of culinary education because we’re doing so much more than simply bringing a great program online; we’re using the Internet to completely change the definition of a culinary education and who can get it. Our program won’t just level the playing field, it will give our graduates a real competitive edge,” explained Jack Larson, Escoffier Online co-founder and Executive Chairman at Triumph. An entrepreneur with a deep background in traditional and online education and vocational training, Larson worked closely with top industry chefs and instructors to bring the pioneering vision of legendary French Chef Auguste Escoffier to the web.

Upon completion of the program, students become “Escoffier Certified,” with a diploma signed by Michel Escoffier, great grandson of the esteemed chef. Escoffier Online has been approved and recognized by a number of leading culinary organizations, including the American Culinary Federation (ACF) Chicago Chefs of Cuisine Inc., the American Personal & Private Chef Association, and others.

“Whether you have a $50,000 education from a renowned culinary school or you’re self-taught, you still start your career on a kitchen line – that’s just the reality of the restaurant profession,” said Chef Mark Dowling, Vice President of Academics and Executive Chef at Triumph. “Escoffier Online gives aspiring chefs an entirely new option, with an opportunity to learn the essential building blocks of cooking, at a fraction of the price – no matter where they live – and putting them on the fast track to a culinary career.”

To enroll, or to find more information on Escoffier Online International Culinary Academy, visit


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