Newton Vineyards in St. Helena: Come for the Wine, Stay for the View

St Helena Newton VineyardsNewton Vineyards is a lesser-known spot on Spring Mountain, in St. Helena. Most of the wineries on this special mountain are located off Spring Mountain rd., but in order to get to Newton you must drive down Madrona Rd, which leads you to a different place at the base of the mountain. You’ll need an appointment to get through the gated entryway. Then it’s a solid mile of meandering up a very steep, winding road, where you’ll find yourself tucked away on the side of the mountain, very close to the top.

My previous experience here took place on a pouring day in the winter, which hindered the experience. This time was different. On a sunny and warm Father’s Day afternoon in June, our small group was seated on the deck overlooking the winery. With a hefty splash of Chardonnay in hand, we were led around the grounds, into the winery caves, and through the gardens. In fact, the extensive, perfectly manicured Japanese garden provides a relaxing escape in an already amazing location. As you stroll through the garden, you’re treated to sweeping views of the Valley floor below.

Newton Vineyards St. HelenaNewton specializes in unfiltered wines, and the Merlot, Chardonnay, and Cabernet were each outstanding. Price points are not too bad, and about what you’d expect for wines made from premium mountain fruit in the area. They also make a second red-label series of wines, that offer affordable ($20) options. The majority of the grapes, except for one of their Chardonnays, comes from the estate vineyards nestled in the mountainside. Look closely at their label, and you’ll see a defining lone tree, centered in a small vineyard. If you’re at the winery, and look up above their location, you can clearly see this tree on the ridge above. Spring Mountain is always a favorite area of the Napa Valley, with some of the best hidden gem locations. The wines from this area never disappoint, and this was one of the most unique wineries I have been to in the area.

Newton Vineyards
2555 Madrona Ave
St. Helena, CA

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