YUKO Uses Fruit, Natural Ingredients for Smooth, Summer Hair

Yuko Hair Care ProductsFor those of us prone to frizz and all the fun that summer humidity brings to our beauty regimen, one glance in the mirror, and we know all too soon when a straightening treatment is on our top ‘to-do’ list.

As one of the original straightening salons in Beverly Hills, the YUKO Salon was established in 1998, and since that time, has been dedicated to creating an exceptional salon experience for their clients with our uniquely superb hair and nail services.

However, getting ‘straight’ was just the start of the process. This spring, YUKO released a brand new, luxury home care line with their all-new Anti-Frizz By YUKO treatment, so busy people like us could maintain that great salon look for our hair.

Yuko Yamashita, the founder of the YUKO system, says: “Anti-Frizz By YUKO is the perfect complement to my original permanent straightening treatment.” With no harmful fumes, nausea, or burning eyes and nose, Anti-Frizz By YUKO is safe, gentle and natural.  Now, this brand new home care line “allows the client to bring the same breakthrough formula into their home to maintain and extend the life of the treatment while making their hair healthier and more manageable”, according to Yamashita.

Featuring the amazing smoothing and coating properties of Meadowfoam seed oil, a heat-activated moisturizer, the entire line is perfect for any hair type and conditions the hair to retain moisture. Each product also boasts its own unique blend of naturally-derived ingredients including apple, tsubaki, rice bran, guar bean, corn starch and bees wax. The Anti-Frizz By YUKO Home Care Line includes a shampoo to restore & refresh, a conditioner to revitalize & shine, a heat-activated leave-in conditioner and a finishing serum to smooth & shine. In addition, Anti-Frizz By YUKO uses NO preservatives, paraben, sodium chloride, sulfate, petrochemicals or animal testing to provide healthy and manageable hair.Yuko-Yamashita-Hair

Our team had the chance to try these products at home, and we liked the results. The shampoo and conditioner had a very light apple scent, and a little went a long way for conditioning and smoothing the hair.

One of our writers was in between cuts, and said that the leave-in conditioner helping control split-ends that were beginning to frizz in the warm Florida weather. This product was also a great quick-fix for conditioning after a day in and out of chlorine at the pool. Just rinse off, spray it on, and let the sun seal in the benefits of natural heat-activated ingredients.

Frizzy hair can be gently controlled with YUKO’s anti-frizz serum. With natural plant based oils like rice bran, tsubaki, and apple, your hair is left with a light, fresh scent, and can remain calm and fuzzy-free for hours.

About YUKO:

YUKO, the original Japanese straightening system founded in 1993 by Yuko Yamashita and Phiten Inc., is an established brand in the beauty industry and is best known for its internationally-patented hair straightening process that successfully straightens hair without damage. Phiten is a leader in the development and manufacture of health-promoting technologies and products. Together, Phiten Inc. and YUKO are dedicated to furthering the principle of harmony and balance in health, wellness and beauty. For more information, please visit http://www.yuko-usa.com.

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