Getting to Know Camus Cognac Newest Additions to the Family

What is better than spending time on a roof top pool in the heart of New Orleans?  Oysters by the pool

Being served cognac with a fresh oyster bar.

Hotel Monteleone in the heart of the French Quarter hosted a brand interaction party introducing a fine, smooth, and refreshing new addition to the Camus Cognac family.

More than 140 yrs old, Camus Cognac has introduced their newest additions to their line of spirits.

The Ile de Ré Fine Island Cognac Range is now the breeding ground for 3 very distinct cognacs including their Island, Double Matured, and Cliff-side Cellar.

What makes this cognac different?

When asked this question, Cyril Camus President of Camus said, “it’s all in the soil, aging, and distilling.

Cyril Camus, President of Camus



The Ile de Ré is an island off the west coast of France and is part of the Charente Maritime department.  It’s the most westerly region in the cognac appellation, located in the Bois a Terrois cru.

This beautiful, wild island gives these unique cognacs a distinctive personality, dry, powerful, with a taste of the sea, expressing all the smoothness and fruity aromas of exceptional cognacs.

These fine cognacs are currently being distributed to 28 states in the US and if you have an opportunity to find one…buy it.


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