Crave Local's Kickstarter Pick of the Week: Ampersand the Conery

Ampersand-Conery-Kickstarter-projectHave you ever wished you could improve upon the waffle cone?

Our ice cream flavors are getting more interesting by the day, from sesame to balsamic strawberry, but cones have pretty much stayed the same for the past century. Yes, we’ve dipped them in chocolate and nuts, and occasionally made cookie variations, but cones aren’t nearly as adventurous as the ice cream they carry.  Enter Ampersand the Conery.

Ampersand is the result of food love and entrepreneurial ambition from recent grad students Mena Xiong, Brian Jang, and Jerry Roback, who simply sound like the kind of people I would have loved to have met in college. Their active Kickstarter project is going to support their plan to create cone flavors like honey lavender, vanilla and coconut, and pistachio. They’re even working on a red velvet cone, which sounds fantastic.

If and when this Kickstarter succeeds, they will have three types of product: cones, flat take-&-bake cones, and waffle cone chips. (I really want them to get to their stretch goal – petite cones!)

Also, as an added bonus, they are offering up a free spot on their “Beta Tasters” list to the person with the most referrals. This is a seriously awesome prize, with access to new flavors and the ability to give feedback.

Still, I really should just let them speak for themselves:

We turn your ice cream experience into an adventurous indulgence. What we offer are endless combinations that are entirely up to you. Whether it is [a scoop of] vanilla ice cream & a pistachio cone, or black sesame ice cream & honey lavender cone chips, you are the master of your creation.

We believe in innovation, in the complex and the simple, in the big and the seemingly miniscule. We believe in change, in disruption, in quiet waves that take the status quo and turn it upside down. We believe in reimagination, in listening to the loud voices and soft whispers of the daydreamers and go-getters. We believe that innovation, change, and reimagination begins with an &. At Ampersand the Conery, we create products to innovate, change, and reimagine the ice cream experience.

If you aren’t feeling excited yet, check out their Kickstarter page, or sign up on their website for updates.

Image, video credits: Thank you, Ampersand the Conery!

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