Wine 101: How to Choose Riesling Wines for Food Pairing

With the rise in demand for alternative white wine pairings and something different on the menu, Americans are turning to new and old varietals like Riesling wines. What Does a Riesling Wine Taste Like? Generally, Riesling wines are very fruit forward, with flavors of apple, pear, and peach. The nose is highly floral, with high acidity, […]

Botanically Rich Peony Vodka Launches in New York Markets

Three Meadow Spirits recently released a unique, 5-times distilled vodka, developed from a recipe infused with an array of botanicals.  Not to be confused with a ‘flavored’ vodka, Peony Vodka’s floral notes result in a spirit that most somewhat resembles the profile of a gin, but lacks the sharp juniper taste associated with gins.  Peony […]

Toast Vodka Made From Natural Coconut Water Launches In Miami Florida

After four years of research and development, the corn-based recipe that is 6x distilled, non-GMO, gluten-free, with the natural essence of coconut, has resulted in what critics have declared one of the best tasting vodkas available. Enjoyed neat, chilled, in basic cocktails or craft cocktails, it provides an experience that stands alone. Toast Vodka has […]

Chef Barret Beyer’s Tequila Flamed Tiger Shrimp Bruschetta

We reached out to Chef Barret Beyer to find out what was inspiring him in the kitchen this summer, and this is what he created.


What’s better than tequila? Some would say a infused añejo tequila that’s high quality, completely unexpected, and a kick-in-the-pants to traditional spirits!


Hailing from the small island of Chios, Greece comes FOS Mastiha, a new clear spirit with a unique sweet taste.

Upland Brewing Releases Easy Chair Amber Ale

Upland Brewing Co. announced last week that Easy Chair Amber Ale will be released on draught and in six packs in early November. You know the chair: strategically placed at the midpoint between your speakers, broken in like your favorite pair of jeans. When it’s time to kick back and chill there’s no place you’d rather […]

Women Winemakers: Taking The Lead In The French Wine Production

Although wine making dates back 8,000 years, over the centuries, progress has been made in grape growing, vineyard management and wine making. But, the one thing that has remained static is the position of women in the wine industry. History shows a male dominated wine industry where the role of women was traditionally relegated to […]

Beyond the Confines of Food: In the Vineyard with Chef Michael Chiarello

Chefs today are more akin to celebrities than actual cooks. Spending far more time promoting themselves on cooking shows and at food festivals than in actual kitchens, these celebrity chefs have amassed culinary empires filled with lines of sponsored products and cookbooks. So is it any surprise that a chef sponsored wine label would follow? […]

Bitter is Better: Three Alternatives to Campari

Do you love the sweet, bitter taste of Campari? On its own, it can be a bit cloying, but in a cocktail, that bitter bite can add layers of flavors to some of the best classic cocktails in the world: the Negroni, the Jasmine, and the Americano, to name a few. If, like us, you’re […]

Azzurre Spirits: Proof That More Distilling Is Not What Makes Better Vodka

For years it has been understood that the more you distill vodka, the better the end result.  With ingredients like grain, corn, or potatoes, you really don’t have a choice. Ever juiced a potato?  This spring, Azzurre Spirits debuted their ultra premium, gluten free sipping vodka, proving you can make a great spirit without a lot of distillation. While […]

Destination Napa Valley: A Weekend In Wine Country

One of the top places on my list of travel destinations has always been to experience the beauty and culture of wine country.  You hear the stories of lush mountains, never-ending vineyards, and amazing sunsets, and at some point, begin to ask yourself, “why have you not bought your plane ticket yet?” But why do we tend to […]

Grey Goose Launches New Vodka Flavor Le Melon

Just in time for summer, Grey Goose Vodka has announced the launch of a new flavor expression, Le Melon. Expertly crafted by Grey Goose Maître de Chai (Cellar Master), Francois Thibault, Grey Goose Le Melon is a discerning combination of the Grey Goose’ award winning vodka and the prized essence of ripe, juicy Cavaillon melons. Much like the […]

A Year in an Argentine Vineyard: The Never-Ending Work of a Winemaker

In the few seconds it takes to open a bottle of wine, have you ever wondered what went in to getting it there in the first place? It’s a little—ok a lot—more complicated than you might think. Far more than a commercially manufactured product, great wine is the expression of a complex inter-working of natural […]