How to Cook Octopus: Local 92’s Spanish Octopus With Spaghetti Squash and Leek Emulsion

Octopus as a dish, may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of summer inspiration. Typically found on high end restaurant menus, it can be a bit daunting to prepare-either because of those squiggly tentacles, or perhaps that beak, reminding you of those childhood nightmares from watching Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the […]

If You Love Whiskey, and You Love Beef, Meet Your New Favorite Snack

A simple jerky recipe, making the perfect Mans Man Gift combining whiskey and beef for the ultimate holiday snack.

How To Make A Crab Cake Recipe From Live King Crab

This version of the crab cake offers spice, savory freshness from the herbs, and great texture all while allowing the full flavor of the crab to come through.

Yukon Gold & Sweet Potato Latkes Recipe For Holidays!

Here is an outstanding vegan latkes recipe from celebrity chef Todd Gray just in time to help you prepare a delicious meal for you and your loved ones during the holidays!

Ruth’s Chris’ Creamed Spinach in Bechamel Sauce

If you’re looking for the best creamed spinach recipe ever, this is it. Creamy, indulgent, and delicious, we’ve tried them all, and Ruth’s Chris knocks it out of the park every time. Enjoy in moderation, there’s lots of butter and cream in there!

Fourchu Lobster Tacos with a Mango Jicama Slaw and Chipotle Aioli

This is a simple yet elegant recipe, almost the entire meal including par-cooking the lobster, preparing the slaw and chipotle aioli can be fixed ahead of time.

Living Green: LaLoo’s Goat’s Milk Ice Cream

In the flow of the farm-to-table movement, LaLoo’s is making waves (and maybe even a few “baa’s”) in the ice cream section.  Their 100 percent goat milk concoctions deliver about half the fat of traditional ice creams, offer a tasty alternative to those with lactose intolerance, and tout all-natural, non-GMO and gluten free ingredients. Goat’s milk is known […]

RiceWrap’s Slice of Rice Let’s You Roll Your Own Sushi

RiceWrap Foods is a very small company with a very big idea-making sushi creation at home faster and easier. Located in what we like to call the “Frozen Sushi Sticky Rice Capital of the World”, Henderson, North Carolina, our product, Slice of Rice™, is a frozen sheet of sticky rice that can be thawed in […]

How to Humanely Cook a Fourchu Lobster

If you are planning a special dinner for that special someone, here is a great “How To” video to help you with your lobster dinner preparations.

National Tater Tot Day Buffet, Complimentary Grub & Tailgate Giveaway at Sedgwick’s Chicago

While America is celebrating the biggest day in football with the NFL Big Game, Sedgwick’s will also be honoring a favorite food holiday, ‘National Tater Tot Day,’ with a tots buffet in addition to game day specials. Tater Tot Mountain Buffet Sedgwicks’ famous Tater Tot Mountain is literally overloaded with bacon, queso and sour cream, […]

6 Gift Worthy Coffees You Need to Try This Holiday Season

You know Brazilian and Colombian and Costa Rican and Guatemalan, Hawaiian and Jamaican and Sumatran and Kenyan, But do you recall? The best cup of coffee of all? Of course you do. You’re craving it right now.  It’s the one you want to savor over and over. Which is why we’ve hunted for some of […]

Adjustable Brew: Test and Review of DeLonghi Nescafe Dolce Gusto Piccolo

If coffee came in IV form, you could likely sign me up for a transfusion, but I’d still have to savor a cup or two each day.  There is simply no substitute for the delightful aromas and tastes. You could call me a coffee addict.  I prefer aficionado. I believe we can simply agree I’m […]

Hail Merry, Queen of Tarts! Delicious, Crave-Worthy Vegan Desserts

  A box arrived on my doorstep one early autumn afternoon. Nestled in its insulated package were six perfect individual-sized tarts. Hail Merry, indeed. With the holiday season closing in on us more quickly than we’d like, and so very much to do, we can take comfort in someone having prepared the perfect, decadent, single-serving […]

This Thing is Yonanas: Test and Review of Dole’s Banana Dessert Maker

Frozen banana ice cream took the internet by storm a while ago. After all, who could resist the allure of a one ingredient, healthy AND indulgent dessert? There were so many possibilities, so easily achieved with mix-ins; from the healthy addition of fruit, to the more decadent chocolate/nut butters. I fell head over heels for […]