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A Fresh Peach Melba Basil Summer Smoothie

It’s almost officially summer, and even sans air conditioner, I’m excited. Peaches are my favorite summer fruit, and I may still be a bit early, but I’ll make up for it with enthusiasm. This season has already seen a few peach cakes, and it’s only technically a few days in. Now my favorite fruit, and […]

Getting Healthy: Blueberry Almond Smoothie

This Blueberry Almond Smoothie was made, not because it taste good, but because the combination packs a powerful punch towards a healthy life

Getting Healthy Series: A Green Juice Recipe You’ll Actually Drink

Ok, so you’ve been a little naughty on the diet lately. Maybe too many wings during game season? Loaded up on the cheesy nachos? Perhaps a bit too many chocolates, and now those jeans don’t fit quite right? One of our favorite ingredients this year is kale. By itself, it may not be as exciting […]

Staying Healthy for the Holidays: Drink Your Vitamins, Fruits, and Veggies!

Right now, in the thick of the holiday season, at Crave Local we’re trying to eat as healthy as possible without spending all day cleaning. (There needs to be time for pie.) And in the spirit of good health, I’ve been testing out a juicer from Tribest that was released earlier this year. Right out of the […]

Vegan Meal Replacements: Tiny Package, Lots of Taste

The siren song of the meal replacement shake is not unknown to me. There’s an allure to the concept, the ease, the promise of satisfaction, and even health; but the tastiness? From those childhood days of watching cartoons with a can of Carnation Instant Breakfast by my side, to the dog days of long hours […]

Miami Heat Chef Shares Team Breakfast Smoothie Recipe

Over the last few years, coconut water has entered the spotlight as the newest health drink with claims ranging from a health tonic to simply “nature’s Gatorade”. Does this drink live up to the hype and is it right for you? Coconut water, not to be confused with coconut milk, is water harvested from young, […]

An Easy Green Juice Recipe To Help Fight Disease

We have found many ways to implement green drinks into our everyday diets.  From teas, to smoothies, and juices, these fine creations can make you feel better, stay awake, find more energy, and live a longer, disease free lifestyle. Balanced diet, exercise, and the occasional vacation can make quite the difference in the overall quality […]

Dr. Oz’s Vitamin Cocktail To Keep You Healthy All Year Long

From the time when you were a child, you were told to take your vitamins to grow strong and be healthy, especially vitamin C. For the majority of us, this need has been satisfied by taking handfuls of multi-vitamins or a variety of individual gel capsules. The only problem with this method is you are […]

Aroniaberry Smoothie: Antioxidants For Better Vision, Energy, and a Great Start to Your Day

Aroniaberries, an antioxidant rich super food, and coconut are hot ingredients in food news. Coconut milk is often a staple fat source for those following a Vegan, Vegetarian, or Paleo diet. Nutritionally, it’s high in saturated fatty acids and medium-chain triglycerides (MCT), both dietary fats that can easily be broken down and used by the […]

Get Healthy – Drink More Vegetable Juice!

Vicky B. from Avocado Pesto created this wonderful veggie juice recipe that we just had to share. Packed full of healthful fruits and veggies like carrots, beets, and apples, juicing is a great way to get in extra nutrients and beneficial ingredients without packing in a lot of calories. Studies have shown that juicing can […]

Healthy Ways To Brighten Up Your Snack Habits

Sometimes you just want a light snack, but you’re bored by the options, and that bag of potato chips you forgot about in the corner is looking pretty amazing. Don’t do that – there are way better options out there. Haloumi and apples: it may not be summer yet, but haloumi, or grilling cheese, is […]

Interview with Kim Mahar, Pastry Chef Extraordinaire at RN74

I have the biggest pastry crush on Kim Mahar. There. I said it. Neil Robertson may make croissants that are dreamy butter marvels, but this interview is basically about two fans getting really excited about their favorite things, sugar and chocolate. She makes amber glass, caramel-loaded chocolate ice cream, and dehydrated mousse, and is simply […]

Cookbook Review: Sinfully Easy Delicious Desserts

I had the good fortune to meet Alice Medrich when she was at Book Larder promoting Sinfully Easy Delicious Desserts, and I’m just as excited to test the book. The original title for this book was “The Cook’s Dessert“, and it shows – this is not as much a dessert cookbook as it is inspiration. […]

The Top 6 Things You Just Can't Miss at the Festival of Chocolate

On April 27-29th, 2012, The Festival of Chocolate returns once again to Orlando, bringing sweets lovers an event not to be missed.  Because 5 just wasn’t enough, here is our top 6 list of things you need to check out at the festival. 1.  Demonstrations by World Class Pastry Chefs…David Ramirez, past Captain of the […]