Summer Wedding Gift Guide for Brides and Grooms

Our Favorite Gifts for Summer Weddings Summer is well under way, and for many, that means wedding season! If you’re like us, shopping for the perfect wedding gift can be a daunting task. Of course, every planner will tell you that, as long as you stick to the registry, you’ll be fine. Wedding registries can […]

Living Green: 4 Must-Have Gardening Accessories for Spring

A quality hat, a durable pair of shoes and flexible gloves with a great grip are all staples every gardener needs in their tool kit. As every good gardener knows, though, there are a wealth of other basics that can either make or break your gardening experience.  We’ve whittled through the product landscape to discover […]

Does Higher Thread Count Mean Higher Quality Bedding?

For many years, it has been commonly thought that the higher the thread count, the better the quality of sheets and bedding. We interviewed Vicki Fulop, founder of startup Brooklinen, to get her thoughts. CL: We’ve always heard that high thread count means better sheets and bedding. A lot of brands charge hundreds for bedding with […]

5 Tips For Smarter Appliance Shopping

As a homeowner, preventative maintenance and major appliance repair or replacement can be incredibly daunting tasks. When an appliance unexpectedly dies, you need to quickly find a replacement. It never seems to fail that your air conditioner will break on the hottest day of the year. This isn’t coincidence, unfortunately, but likely has more to […]

Back To School: Modern Zinc Antimicrobial Sheets

MODERN ZINC ANTIMICROBIAL SHEETS Fresh off their successful Kickstarter launch, new bedding brand, Modern Zinc has developed a new technology in the textile world with Zinc infused fibers. Comprised of a proprietary blend of long strand cotton fibers and lyocell, a zinc infused rayon fiber, Modern Zinc’s sheets not only good for you, but hold […]

Back to School: Better Sleep with Sonno Bed Mattress

This month, we review three new sleep related products, that are not only good for your sleep, they’re pretty smart, too. First up, the Sonno Bed mattress, and Sonno Bed’s new ‘adjustable’ pillow. Yes, we said adjustable, and not in the way that you might think.

10 Earth Friendly Cleaning Tips for a Green Home

Want to get your home spotless this season, but tired of using chemicals and detergents that are neither good for the environment, nor for your family? Here are 10 DIY “Green” cleaning solutions to help you save money, clean faster, and keep your family healthy and germ free. Source:

Alternatives to Tempurpedic: Leesa Mattress Review

When we last shopped for a mattress, it meant hours and hours of research, mainly spent at local mattress stores, department stores like Macy’s, Sears, and others, and a lot of annoying sales people, attempting to convince themselves that yapping your ear off while you were trying to relax was a good strategy. Seriously, people-please […]

Living Green: 5 Ideas for Winter Gardening

There are many ways to keep your gardening passions alive even through the harshest cold spells. Use our checklist below to inspire your winter green thumb.

5 Signs Your Air Conditioner is Dying

For homeowners, one of the biggest headaches is appliance shopping, which often comes after an appliance breaks down for good. During the summer months (especially in hot states like Florida or Texas), an even bigger headache is finding out that your air conditioner needs replacing. Here are five signs that you – as a homeowner […]

How to Get Into An Eco-Friendly Cleaning Routine

The secret to an eco-friendly laundry routine is hidden in the past,” says Barb Webb, author of the new book, Getting Laid: Everything You Need to Know About Raising Chickens, Gardening and Preserving. Webb suggests returning to the tried-and-true laundry life hacks that kept our grandparents clean and green. They work equally well today. Her top […]

Going Green: Our Favorite DIY Green Cleaning Recipes

Going green with your home and office cleaning isn’t just cool, it’s better for the environment, your family, and your health (not to mention, your wallet!). Here are some of our favorite DIY green cleaning product recipes for you readers to try at home. DIY Glass and Window Cleaner 2 cans of club soda 1 […]

Going Green: Laundry Helpers That are Good for You, and the Planet

Let’s talk dirty … about your laundry habits, that is. The large majority of us probably think we’re doing our family a favor each time we do the wash. All the gunk, grime, and dirt washes out of their clothes, and down the drain. It might smell and look better, but each time you use that traditional, […]

Living Green: LaLoo’s Goat’s Milk Ice Cream

In the flow of the farm-to-table movement, LaLoo’s is making waves (and maybe even a few “baa’s”) in the ice cream section.  Their 100 percent goat milk concoctions deliver about half the fat of traditional ice creams, offer a tasty alternative to those with lactose intolerance, and tout all-natural, non-GMO and gluten free ingredients. Goat’s milk is known […]