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National Tequila Day : The Grapefruit Margarita

grapefruit margarita cocktail

Raise your glass, because July 24 is National Tequila Day! Elevate your style beyond the traditional lime slice and salt, and celebrate summer with something fresh and delicious! Whether it’s clear and colorless, white, golden, or amber, tequila is more versatile than you might think. From cranberry margaritas to lime and citrus margaritas, prickly pear cocktails to cucumber […]

60 Second Health and Stress Reduction Tips for a Better You

60 tips to relax and destress

  Between work, family and a vacation this season, you may not have time to concentrate on keeping yourself at 100 percent. If you want to enjoy your life to the fullest and improve your health, you actually don’t need tons of time-just a minute will do! See below for quick stress reduction tips that […]

Living Green: Kokedama String Garden Revolution

Kokodama String Gardening

“Kokedama” is a rapidly rising search term that promises continued growth as more and more gardeners flock to find out about the gardening trend of the year. Perhaps it’s the creativity in which a gardener shapes the plant into a sculptural object or the eco-friendly nature of this container-free planting technique that keeps garden-lovers buzzing […]

How to Buy Eco-Friendly Beauty Products

natural skin care-eco-friendly-brands

Truthfulness. Originality. Harmony. These words define what you should look for when shopping for eco-friendly beauty products. If your beauty regimen consists of cosmetics with unrecognizable ingredients and strong, unnatural scents, it might be time to rethink what you’re using on your body. When perusing the aisles of the drug store looking for your next green […]

How to Get pH Balanced Skin


“Natural, organic, anti-aging, pH balanced…” All of these terms might seem like just marketing buzzwords, but they’re actually the real deal. It’s no surprise that as we age, our skin becomes more affected by our lifestyle and our environment. Everything that comes in contact with our skin (products, smoking, air, water, sun, pollution) can play […]

Eating for Beauty: Guacamole Stuffed Cherry Tomato Poppers

healthy skin recipes | eat for beauty

Guacamole Stuffed Cherry Tomato Poppers from The Nutrition Twins’ Veggie Cure Beauty Secrets Cookbook These poppers are the perfect party pleasers. They are so much fun to eat and when you pop one in your mouth a creamy flavorful burst explodes. It’s hard to believe you get 6 grams of fiber from a serving of […]

Easy Cookie Recipes: Italian Anisette Cookies


An Italian favorite during holiday season and family gatherings, the history of anisette cookies is a bit unknown. As one of many traditional Italian dishes, this cookie gets it’s flavoring from anise-a seed based extract from a Mediterranean plant (in the parsley family). The taste is similar to black licorice, although it is not directly […]

Enjoy The 4th of July With Some Red, White, & Blue Jello Shots


Whether you plan to sit by the pool, going to the beach, or planning a party at the park with friends and a grill, your party plans can now be complete with this 4th of July Jello Shot Recipe.  This video has been created by the funny and totally entertaining team of bartenders at TipsyBartender. […]

Celebrate Summer With Brazilian Cocktails – White Sangria Recipe

white sangria

  As one of the oldest cachaça brands in Brazil, Ypióca has been making cachaça for over 160 years. Pronounced ‘eee-pee-oh-kuha’, the brand has created a line of incredibly delicious Brazilian rums that range from spirits made for mixing, to a rum that can be enjoyed straight, over ice. Recently we had a chance to taste their […]

10 Guaranteed Funny Clean Jokes That Will Make You Laugh


As today is International Joke Day, we’ve decided to share with you a few of our favorite funny clean jokes that you can share with family and friend. Are they stupid? Yes. We promise you’ll still laugh. A dog goes walking into the forest. Once in the middle he comes across a whale, hanging out […]