Kosher Dessert Recipes: Passover Lemon Almond Flourless Cake with Sabayon

Kosher dessert recipes lemon cake

Kosher Dessert Recipes

This kosher dessert recipe hails from California wine country, and Chef Gabe Garcia of Tierra Sur Restaurant, who created it for Passover Seder. It’s bright and lemony, with a light texture from the almond flour. The sauce is rich and velvety…

Say “Goodbye Winter” With These Refreshingly Tropical Cocktails

Spring Hotel Cocktails

We’ve all had just about enough of winter this year, so perhaps just thinking about colorful spring and summer cocktails will encourage the weather to clean up its act. Check out some of these recipes courtesy of mixologists across the country that will transport the taste buds to the beach with just a single sip. […]

Celebrate ST. Patrick’s Day With 5 Refreshing Cocktails

Cucumber lemon cooler

St. Patrick’s Day is an excellent excuse to party with friends, and have a little fun before spring has officially sprung. Skip the green beer and go for some tasty Irish-themed cocktails from Azzurre Spirits.

An Irish Twist on a Classic Grill Favorite & House-Smoked Corned Beef

Guinness Chicken

Weber Grill will honor the joyful celebration of St Patrick’s Day by incorporating an Irish-take on one of the restaurants’ most iconic dishes, Beer Can Chicken. Special for the holiday, Chef Larry Donahue will be transforming the succulent chicken dish into a true Irish feast by using Guinness to create the perfect au jus. Chef Donahue […]

Brewz Crewz 2015 Celebrates Craft Beer in Lakeland, Fl.


2015 Brewz Crewz Craft Beer Festival is where beer lovers can sample many of the area’s brews, as well as meet representatives from several breweries.

Should You Include Fermented Foods In Your Diet?

What is fermented-foods

An important part of many traditional eating patterns, fermented foods are enjoyed around the world, but are worth trying?


Academy Awards Oscar's 2015-Nominated-Films

The Oscars are just days away, but if you’re still unsure about which drinks to serve at your viewing party, we have you covered! Inspired by Best Picture nominees for the 87th Academy Awards, each of these fresh gluten free cocktails will have your guests feeling glitzy and glamorous. As always, Azzurre is made in America […]

Chocolate Chip Cookie Margarita Recipe: Pairing Chocolate with Tequila

Chocolate chip cookie margarita

What’s better than chocolate to satisfy a sweet tooth craving? How about a little tequila? It might sound strange, but chocolate with tequila are a match made in heaven. The toasted notes of agave pair well with the creaminess of  high quality chocolate, and the bitterness of each create complex flavors that complement, rather than clash, […]

Chocolate Tequila Cocktail Recipes for National Margarita Day

tres agaves tequila and chocolate

Whether you like it frozen or on the rocks, National Margarita Day (February 22nd) is the perfect time to celebrate everyone’s favorite tequila cocktail! Although most people think of limes, oranges, and sometimes strawberries when it comes to the margarita, we’re combining two of our favorite things-chocolate and tequila-for a deliciously decadent treat! Try one […]

Quick and Easy Gluten Free Dark Chocolate Covered Vodka Strawberries

Dark Chocolate Ice Cube Tray Vodka Strawberries

Gluten free vodka-soaked dark chocolate covered strawberries are created in a flash by simply using a silicone ice cube tray – no fuss, no muss – genius!

Romantic Wines Every Couple Should Know

romantic wine ideas

The following romantic wines have been selected to fit every palate, taste, and preference, from casual to elegant, single varietal to blends. We’re sure you’ll love them as much as we do.

Aphrodisiac Cocktail Recipes for Love and Romance

strawberry cocktail recipe valentine's day

Valentine’s Day is a holiday full of romance, chocolates and champagne! This year, we want to give you a little boost in the bedroom with cocktails created especially with love in mind. For centuries, certain foods and ingredients have been rumored to have aphrodisiac properties. From heady vanilla to spicy ginger, red hot chilies to decadent […]

Oscar’s Party Plans Start With a Cocktail…Or Two

Academy Awards Oscar's 2015-Nominated-Films

Here is a variety of your favorite spirit brands prepared in themed cocktails to go along with your Oscar’s party plans and favorite nominated movies.

10 Juicy Burger Recipes For Grilling Season

Grilling Season Burger Recipes

Time to uncover, or pull out your long time friend that has been patiently waiting to be heated up to turn those tasty meat patties into the highlight of your backyard or tailgating party.

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