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Living Green: 5 Must-Have Gardening Accessories for Spring


A quality hat, a durable pair of shoes and flexible gloves with a great grip are all staples every gardener needs in their tool kit. As every good gardener knows, though, there are a wealth of other basics that can either make or break your gardening experience.  We’ve whittled through the product landscape to discover […]

What Is a Green Wine? An Infographic to Explain It All Green Infographic

April is Earth Month, and with that, many of us are again reminded that we need to think not only of our own carbon footprint, but that of the brands we choose. When it comes to wine, what does it mean to be “green”? If a label doesn’t carry USDA organic certification, are there other […]

Salt Licks or Sweet Stakes? What Flavor Is Your Kentucky Derby Sorbet?

ice 3

You can bake up your best Derby Pie and muddle up a round of Mint Juleps, but there’s just very little “wow” factor in that.  Don’t get me wrong, everyone loves a great Kentucky Derby favorite, but if you really want to impress your guests, serving up a unique custom ice cream flavor to honor […]

Sustainable Living Snacks: Test and Review of Sedona SD-9000 Digitally Controlled Food Dehydrator

chili chips 2

Sometimes, “old-school” drying methods for produce are still the best school of thought.  For example, air drying herbs is quick, easy and cost effective. Unless you live in an ideal climate, though, with relatively low humidity and long high-temp sunny days, efforts to dry fruits, vegetables and meats is not nearly as simple or ultimately, […]

Chinese Almond Cookie Day Brings a Sweet Treat for Everyone at TL’s

fortune cookie day

Since 1986, Chiu Quon Bakery, in Chicago’s Chinatown, has been serving up their classic recipe of the traditional Chinese Almond Cookie and on April 9, TL’s Four Seasons guests can get a complimentary taste of the sweet treat. TL’s Chef/Owner Shawn Li will be offering the golden, crunchy desserts to each and every cookie lover on […]

Kentucky Derby-Worthy Tableware Handcrafted from Beatriz Ball

Western Horse Tray

Billy Turner, a famous American Thoroughbred trainer, is noted as saying: “This is the day for anyone involved with horse. The dream is to win the Kentucky Derby, because there’s nothing like it.” Deep down in the hearts of the artists at Beatriz Ball, these words must resonate as they echo in each masterful detail […]

Now That’s a Sexy Kitchen Mat! Fabio Viviani Comfort Mats


In our quest for the perfect Italian meatball to serve with our homemade sauce, my husband and I stumbled upon Fabio Viviani’s Chow Ciao on Yahoo and, in a moment of profound kismet, we found “The Perfect Italian Meatball.” Around three hours later, after soaking in every episode and polishing off a bottle (or two) […]

Weber Grill Honors Lent with New Seafood Sandwiches and Entrees


Throughout the Lenten season, Weber Grill invites those who observe the special holiday to enjoy a variety of Chef Larry Donahue’s new meatless dishes. Right off the restaurants’ iconic Weber Grills, the extraordinary lunch sandwiches and dinner entrees feature fresh fish and unique seafood creations paired with flavorful vegetables and sides. The Lent menu will […]

Gino’s East River North: March Menu Madness and St. Patrick’s Day Specials


The newly opened Gino’s East River North, at the historic 500 N. LaSalle, is offering a slam dunk deal on game days throughout the  men’s college basketball tournament.  Plus they are Dublin the fun with a St. Patrick’s Day special on Saturday, March 15. Gino’s East River North’s first floor bar and lounge area has […]

Food Trends: Calorie Counting? Consumer Demand Rising for Smaller Packaged Foods


It seems good things really do come in smaller packages for a growing number of U.S. consumers. Trends including a rise in snacking, a craving for convenience and the demand for an easier way to control portion sizes, are driving a rise in single-serve and snack-sized food packaging. The trends are good news for convenience […]