Holiday Gift Guide

How To Make a Watermelon Keg


As you make plans the weekend and the weather warms up, what’s better than a slice of ice cold watermelon? How about a watermelon mocktail or cocktail? Or better yet, why not a watermelon keg? Here’s how to do it: Watermelons make summer delicious. From drinks to desserts or just eating on their own, watermelons […]

Taking Some Sustainability Cues from the Argentines


It might sound cliché, but it’s true: in Argentina, sustainability is a way of life. From the roots of culture to the upper reaches of economic output, many Argentines operate from the premise that avoiding excessiveness in the beginning is the way to avoid a whole lot of excessive waste at the end. In everything, […]

Bottle Wrap: Green Gift Wrap Ideas for Wine

wine bottle wrap Earth Day gifts

Simple condiments, bottles of wine, oils, vinegar-these all become more special when you use colorful fabric as a green gift wrap that can be used over again for other uses. A large scarf, for example, makes a perfect item that can be reused at a later date. Choose condiments or wines that complement or contrast […]

How Going Green Can Save You $2,000 a Year


Earth Day falls on April 22 this year, and there’s no better time to appreciate the place we call home. It’s also a great time to consider ways to be better environmental stewards and evaluate our current practices and activities. In addition to being better patrons to our planet, “going green” can also save money. […]

10 Earth Friendly Cleaning Tips for a Green Home

DIY eco-friendly cleaning tips

Want to get your home spotless this season, but tired of using chemicals and detergents that are neither good for the environment, nor for your family? Here are 10 DIY “Green” cleaning solutions to help you save money, clean faster, and keep your family healthy and germ free. Source:

Could Your Trash Make You Money? Benefits Of Recycling

Recycling with your family

We’re more than happy to have someone take our trash away from us. What if someone told you that some of your trash is taken to scrap yards that are getting richer by recycling your scrap? Part of me is very happy to hear that my trash is actually being recycled and dealt with in […]

Rafa Natural: Beauty is a Product of What You Put in and On Your Body

Rafa Natural-organic beauty- decor

Pharmaceutical Rep to Natural Healer It all started with good intentions and a Martha Stewart recipe for bath bombs. Inside each was to be hidden a sweet – or in Kim Williams’ case – snarky message printed on waterproof paper. They were going to be the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for her friends and family. […]

Green Party Ideas: Decorative Recyling Containers

decorative recycle containers

Earth Day and eco-friendly items seem to be popping up everywhere you look. You can buy fabric paper towels, reusable sandwich bags, biodegradable trash bags, glass water bottles, and bamboo plates and cups. Green party planning, however, might still end up creating quite a bit of waste, especially if you don’t plan ahead. Setting out […]

At-Home Spa Treatments for Perfectly Pampered Skin

W Retreat and Spa, Vieques Island - Spa - AWAY Spa Treatment Room

As Earth Day approaches, it’s nice to find ways to pamper yourself for an at home spa day that are not only luxurious, but also earth and skin-friendly! We’ve sourced at home spa treatment recipes from some of the best eco-friendly spas  and skincare specialists in the world. Try them at home, and tell us what you […]

Living Green: 5 Must-Have Gardening Accessories for Spring


A quality hat, a durable pair of shoes and flexible gloves with a great grip are all staples every gardener needs in their tool kit. As every good gardener knows, though, there are a wealth of other basics that can either make or break your gardening experience.  We’ve whittled through the product landscape to discover […]