Mixology Trends: Will These Cocktails Stay or Go?

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In the world of cocktails, mixology trends can come and go. If you’re tired of a traditional mixed drink or normal glass of wine, fret not. This year’s trends, fads and innovations are making the cocktail scene more entertaining and enjoyable. From creative ways to consume alcoholic beverages to delicious drink additions, you never have to sip an average beverage again!

Here are five current trends that are gaining speed in the restaurant and entertaining business:

1. Vaportini: With this groundbreaking new way to enjoy a cocktail, alcohol is consumed by breathing in the vapors of your favorite spirit. The alcohol sits in the Vaportini’s glass globe which is heated by a candle in a pint glass. After a few minutes, the aromas and flavors from the heated alcohol are inhaled through a glass straw. According to their website, all of the effects of traditional alcohol are felt, but it’s a virtually calorie-free and completely creative way to consume cocktails. Is it safe? That’s up for debate. Doctors say that overindulging in this manner is dangerous, but then again, over consumption of alcohol generally is. Everything in moderation, as they say.

2. Miracle Berry Cocktails: For those worried about the high sugar count in traditional alcoholic beverages, miracle berry cocktails are ideal. First made popular around 2008, the flavor-tripping natural berry is a completely organic all natural fruit that alters your ability to perceive sour, spicy, salty and bitter flavors and turn them into sweet sensations. Take a Miracle Berry 

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Strawberry Frozen Daiquiri for example; the concoction consists of strawberries, fresh lemon, lime and orange juice, combined with light rum. After consuming a miracle berry, the cocktail tastes like the original daiquiri but includes no added sugar or overly sweet strawberry schnapps. According to the New York Times, there doctors haven’t found any real side effects, although drinking lemon juice isn’t exactly good for your teeth.

3. Specialty Ice: Nothing is more frustrating than a watered down drink. Luckily, house-made flavored ice cubes are on the rise and add flavor and design elements to cocktails. Infusing ice with spirits and herbs helps diffuse layers of flavors over the course of the beverage for an enjoyable experience from start to finish. 4. Liquid Nitrogen: Liquid nitrogen can be used in a few ways to add creativity to cocktails. To create a cauldron effect, liquid nitrogen can be poured over drinks. A newer trend emerging is liquid nitrogen muddling. Here, fresh herbs are flash frozen using the liquid nitrogen and muddled into a fine powder. The process extends the freshness time of the herb and no herbs get stuck in straws or teeth while consuming.

5. Fire Cocktails: Flaming drinks are a great way to entertain guests and spark conversation at parties. And, in addition to their visual effects, fire can often enhance the flavor of beverages. Most spirits with a high alcohol proof will light on fire and many recipes are available. Remember to always be careful and cautious when crafting cocktails with fire.

Flaming photo credit: Spiritofdrink.com

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