Spirit Review: Toast Vodka

toast-coconut-water-vodka-review-crave-localToast Vodka-a corn and flavorless coconut water based spirit, made in south Florida, is making its rounds this season.

Brought to market by South Florida nightlife promoter, and Miami Subs franchisee, Dieuveny Louis, Toast is distilled six times in Florida with the natural essence of pure, flavorless coconut water.

Recently, the Florida-distilled spirit signed up to sponsor the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup and partner with Caribbean rum maker, Gosling’s, to distribute Toast Vodka in Bermuda. According to sunbiz.org, Louis has also filed for the name ‘Toast Rum’, and is purported to have a gin and tequila in development.

In 2015, Toast Vodka was also awarded GOLD in the Los Angeles International Spirits Competition.

Toast Vodka Design Elements

Toast Vodka‘s bottle is an unassuming, frosted clear glass look, utilizing a Bordeaux wine shape. The brand mark is vertically applied to the bottle, along with a spherical ‘sticker’ look silk screening the brand slogan, ‘To Life, to Love, to Us,’ near the bottom quarter of the bottle. Closure is a bar top, with a clear shrink wrap sleeve and black and white tamper strip.

Tasting Notes

For cocktail drinkers that do not enjoy the taste of alcohol, or wish to drink their vodka on the rocks, Toast Vodka will be a welcome spirit to the top shelf bar. Corn based spirits, when distilled more than a few times, generally retain very little flavor. Although not the first choice for mixologists (who prefer a flavor base to work from), this can make for an exceptionally smooth cocktail, particularly for vodka martinis or skinny cocktails. Toast was no different, with only the palest hints of sweet corn on the finish, and a very minimal alcohol burn.

As the first known brand to add coconut water to the production of their spirit, we were expecting Toast to have tropical notes, but the spirit remained crisp, ultra smooth, and flavorless. Toast is currently considered to be a gluten free spirit, and is made from non-GMO ingredients.

Try Toast in a vodka martini, or a skinny cocktail, with lime and a splash of flavored seltzer.

Toast Vodka is 40% ABV. MSRP $29.99, select markets.

Recommendation: 85 points (Crave Local)

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