Get Healthy with Green Foods In Season During The Summer Months

The fruitful season of ample greens has prominently made its mark and Dr. Bob, The Drugless Doctor, shares the top beneficial greens, which will be the perfect to guide any individual throughout the summer season.Collard greens, spinach, romaine just to list a few go-to greens

Collard greens, spinach, and romaine lettuce are common green foods that can be purchased in most grocery stores.

When green-based vegetables are added to daily routines the intake of  vitamins A, C, and K, magnesium, iron, lutein, and phytochemicals are drastically increased. More specifically, the eyes benefit greatly from the nutrients found in greens, including lutein.

The degeneration in the eye that impacts the macula is reduced with greens. Diabetes, bone health, degeneration in the body, blood health and nearly every aspect of the whole body is improved with greens.

Dr. Bob adds spinach to my daily salad, sautés kale with olive oil and mushrooms, and steams collard greens as bread replacements for sandwiches.

Happy dieting!

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