new spirit brand-Greek Mastiha liqueurHailing from the small island of Chios, Greece comes FOS Mastiha, a new clear spirit with a unique sweet taste.

The prime ingredient of this spirit derives from resin of the Mastiha Tree, also known as the Crying Tree. The rare and natural tree resin is grown and cultivated exclusively on the small Mediterranean island in Greece, unable to take root anywhere else in the world—making it stubbornly Greek.

The resin droplets, known as Mastiha Tears are left to slowly seep out of the bark and dry in the natural sunlight to form translucent golden crystals. Before the first autumn rain, when the tears are ready to be harvested, the area around the tree is cleaned, leveled and coated in a fine white soil on which the tears fall and are gathered. The Ambrosia Group has perfected this formula using traditional, tedious collection and cultivation methods, while utilizing modern technology to delicately blend, distill and bottle. The addition of secret ingredients and special formulas results in the pure ambrosia, creating the delicious FOS Mastiha.

FOS Mastiha has quickly become a popular ingredient among mixologists for truly unique cocktails, is great as an aperitif or a digestif. The product has a full range of herbal tones and tree essences, which are pronounced when served chilled, neat, over ice, or mixed with a variety of herbs or juices. The liqueur blends exquisitely with a number of refreshing and diverse tastes, providing endless mixology possibilities.

FOS Mastiha liqueur is made out of 100% pure Mastiha and is not scented. Launched in the Fall of 2015 in Miami, FOS is served across Miami at restaurants and bars such as: Soho House, W Hotel, Palmeiras Beach Club, Sardinia Enoteca Restaurant, only to mention a few of the many restaurants and bars that have started to serve FOS. Also, FOS can be found in liquor stores around Miami and the Beaches.

At 28% ABV/750 ml, FOS Mastiha liqueur’s SRP is $28.99. Current distribution is Miami, Florida.

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