10 Beef-Free Burger Recipes For Summer Grilling

Have plans to grill this week but getting tired of the same old beef burgers?  Check out this list of 10 healthy, beef-free and vegetarian burger recipes from some very talented bloggers across the US.

Whether you’re trying to cut down on your of red meat intake, or simply looking to show off your master grilling skills, these will make for some crowd pleasing alternatives to your standard burgers.  Just remember to bookmark these recipes as you may be asked for an encore performance.


Red Lentil Cauliflower Burger by Vegan Richa

Red Lentil Cauliflower Burger

This vegan burger, from Richa at Vegan Richa, is made with lentils, grated cauliflower and Garam Masala (a northern Indian blend of spices). She dresses her patties with homemade onion rings, chipotle habanero mayo and roasted mini red peppers.

Portobello Burger by Funny Love

Portobello Burger

Lindsay and Jay are the couple behind the food/comedy blog Funny Love, which is also home to this steak-seasoned bello-burger recipe. “These are embarrassingly easy,” writes Lindsay, the brainchild behind these burgers. “The seasonings and the steaky burger texture are just… YES.”

Salmon Burger Sharper by Souvlaki for the Soul

Salmon Burger

Peter at Souvlaki for the Soul got his inspiration for these meaty salmon burgers from an article he once bookmarked in the New York Times, but he jazzed it up with dill, chili sauce, capers and garlic — and then nestled them in his homemade brioche buns.

Hawaiian Burger by Coconut & Lime

Hawaiian-Style Pork Burger

Made with ground pork, grated ginger and and grilled pineapple, these Hawaiian-style pork burgers from Rachel at Coconut & Lime are a fun way to mix it up at your next barbecue. Click here to try Rachel’s recipe, which includes the steps for making her homemade Hawaiian rolls.

Sweet Potato Burgers by How Sweet It Is

Smokey Sweet Potato Burger

Some people whip up a batch of sweet potato fries to go with their burgers, but Jessica at How Sweet It Is piles the potatoes right onto her burger bun. This smokey sweet potato burger recipe gets even more fantastic flavor from smoked paprika, maple syrup and Jessica’s homemade garlicky cream.

To read the remaining 5 recipes, please go to: Fox News Magazine.


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