Spirit Review: Toast Vodka

Toast Vodka-a corn and flavorless coconut water based spirit, made in south Florida, is making its rounds this season. Brought to market by South Florida nightlife promoter, and Miami Subs franchisee, Dieuveny Louis, Toast is distilled six times in Florida with the natural essence of pure, flavorless coconut water. Recently, the Florida-distilled spirit signed up to […]

5 Gluten Free Cocktails to Celebrate Fall

As leaves turn and summer’s warmth eases into cool, crisp evenings, Azzurre vodka has a fall cocktail list that will keep guests feeling cozy, comfortable, and perfectly refreshed. Each of these five unique fall drink recipes uses fresh, seasonal ingredients, and spices that capture the nip in the air, and the changing weather of fall. […]

Azzurre Vodka Wins Gold Becoming Known As The ‘Un-Vodka’ #AskforAzzurre

After launching this spring at the Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, Azzurre Vodka has begun to receive industry recognition and critical acclaim for their ultra premium vodka. At the 2014 International Craft Spirits Awards, two dozen respected and influential judges conducted a blind tasting of the best spirits in […]

Azzurre Spirits: Proof That More Distilling Is Not What Makes Better Vodka

For years it has been understood that the more you distill vodka, the better the end result.  With ingredients like grain, corn, or potatoes, you really don’t have a choice. Ever juiced a potato?  This spring, Azzurre Spirits debuted their ultra premium, gluten free sipping vodka, proving you can make a great spirit without a lot of distillation. While […]