How To Make A Crab Cake Recipe From Live King Crab

This version of the crab cake offers spice, savory freshness from the herbs, and great texture all while allowing the full flavor of the crab to come through.

How to Humanely Cook a Fourchu Lobster

If you are planning a special dinner for that special someone, here is a great “How To” video to help you with your lobster dinner preparations.

Snow Crabs Done Right: A Seafood and Sauvignon Blanc Pairing

Having said “yes” to the opportunity to receive fresh, live snow crabs from Aqua Best Fish and Seafood in New York City for review, and given marching orders to “cook them any way I would like”, last week we were greeted at the door by a big box from FedEx, filled with crawling creatures from […]

AquaBest NYC's Shrimp and Grits, Seattle-Brazilian Style

I recently had the amazing chance to experience a seafood cooking session with culinary student Emme Ribeiro thanks to the team at Aquabest NYC. Emme is busy – when she’s not in culinary school, she’s writing for her personal blog, Food Samba, and operates as the Restaurant & Catering Manager for her family’s restaurant, Tempero do […]