About Vanessa Pastore

Vanessa is a professional baker and blogger, regularly documenting her fight for all things vegan at Hungryface Bakery.

She spends every waking moment, as well as everything in between, thinking about food. She can be found in international markets, or harvesting ingredients from her backyard. Nothing is sacred, and nothing is safe.

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Summer Sweet Treats: Vegan Coffee Ice Cream Recipe

Everyone has that one late night, online mega-store driven moment of weakness. Bathed in the etheral blue light of your super phone,  you think: ”This is a great deal. I need one of these. How could I have lived so long without one?” Click. Just as simply, in 5 to 7 business days, you find yourself […]

Double Wides: a Junk Food Cookie for Everything You’re Craving

Editor’s Note: This vegan cookie recipe was brought to us by Vanessa Pastore, a bourbon loving vegan baker with just a bit of an obsession with desserts…and apparently, the occasional junk food cookie indulgence.  Some days, your muse speaks to you from a place deep, dark, tucked away in the recesses of your subconscious.  Maybe […]

A Fresh Peach Melba Basil Summer Smoothie

It’s almost officially summer, and even sans air conditioner, I’m excited. Peaches are my favorite summer fruit, and I may still be a bit early, but I’ll make up for it with enthusiasm. This season has already seen a few peach cakes, and it’s only technically a few days in. Now my favorite fruit, and […]

Game Day Last Minute Easy One Bowl Peanut Butter Cookies

It’s almost game time, do you have a meal plan? Fear not, your fellow procrastinator is here to help. When push comes to shove, we have the perfect Super Bowl recipe for your big party plans. All you need is jar of chunky peanut butter, some powdered sugar,  some ground flax (which we know you’ve […]

Vegetable Main for Thanksgiving: Squash Puff Pastry Pie

If done correctly, the Thanksgiving feast should go as such: Pie, stuffing, more pie, sleep it off for a bit, and then more pie. Now you can alternate sweet pies with savory! Be grateful for variety, be grateful for tastiness, and be grateful for pie!

Kale: It Means ‘Hope’ In My Language. Oh Wait, It Means Salad.

I suppose I wouldn’t be a good vegan if I didn’t offer you a recipe for kale salad; and to indulge the stereotype even more, I used hemp seeds on it this time around.  If you were to take  something that was previously used solely as a garnish on every salad bar and buffet line  […]

Sunday Breakfast Ideas – The Art of Gluten Free Pancakes

Pancakes. The food evocative of weekend brunches, Sunday’s in your PJs, or that illicit feeling you get when you have them for dinner. Plain, loaded with fruit, nuts, or chocolate chips, and topped with hedonistic amounts of maple syrup and melted butter, there are no rules with pancakes. What do you do, though, if you’re […]

Things You Must Eat: Vegan Bourbon Pumpkin Pie Bars

Thanksgiving looms in the future; a time for food, family, and most importantly, pie. Sure, maybe your priorities have a different shift to them, but pie is in there in some regard, I hope.  Pumpkin pie may be the old standby for Thanksgiving, but there are tons of recipes and new variations out there for […]

Walk to Your Own Beet: a Natural Twist on Old Fashioned Red Velvet Cupcakes

Red velvet, the cake of celebration, happiness, and delicious mystery. How does it come upon its mysterious hue that can vary so widely? From the deepest, and darkest of reds, to the warm chocolatey browns. Heck, they’re even a few purple-y blue varieties out there. There are many ways to get to the same place, […]

Hail Merry, Queen of Tarts! Delicious, Crave-Worthy Vegan Desserts

  A box arrived on my doorstep one early autumn afternoon. Nestled in its insulated package were six perfect individual-sized tarts. Hail Merry, indeed. With the holiday season closing in on us more quickly than we’d like, and so very much to do, we can take comfort in someone having prepared the perfect, decadent, single-serving […]

This Thing is Yonanas: Test and Review of Dole’s Banana Dessert Maker

Frozen banana ice cream took the internet by storm a while ago. After all, who could resist the allure of a one ingredient, healthy AND indulgent dessert? There were so many possibilities, so easily achieved with mix-ins; from the healthy addition of fruit, to the more decadent chocolate/nut butters. I fell head over heels for […]

Vegan Meal Replacements: Tiny Package, Lots of Taste

The siren song of the meal replacement shake is not unknown to me. There’s an allure to the concept, the ease, the promise of satisfaction, and even health; but the tastiness? From those childhood days of watching cartoons with a can of Carnation Instant Breakfast by my side, to the dog days of long hours […]

Sangria Cake, a Tailored Birthday Cake

Predominantly, birthday cakes tend to be a chocolate/vanilla, or both sort of an affair. People tend to sit on one side of that fence, though a few of us straddle it happily. When it comes to flavors, I for one, am all for duplicity, or even triplicity. Why stop at two when you can melodiously […]

Roll Me Up Some Dinner With A Vegan Roasted Broccoli Stromboli

Since I stopped eating dairy, I’d forgotten largely about stromboli, or stuffed breads in general, until a friend whipped one up at a holiday gathering. They have to comforting starchy goodness, combined with that one dish meal ease.