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Jessica Tupper is busy, and likes it that way. As the Food Ninja, she likes to figure out new ways to explore the Seattle food scene - from eating at all the Tom Douglas restaurants in one day to epic sundaes using Bluebird and Molly Moon ice creams. Silly hats may or may not be involved.

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Valentine’s Day, Hold (Some of) the Chocolate: Cookies, Marshmallows, and Caramel

So we saved the best for last – a compilation of the non-chocolate-focused goodies for Valentine’s Day, for those of us who aren’t chocolate fans, or want more adventurous options with chocolate as a side note, not the main feature. The best part? None of these are over $20, so you could get a lot […]

How To: Take Better Cell Phone Pictures in Poor Lighting

Taking pictures of food with a cell phone, or any camera, involves planning around light. And ideally, you’ll always have a window nearby as a light source with overcast skies – or, even better, bright outdoor light with a thin enough blind on the window to act as a scrim. But most likely you won’t […]

Visiting Norway: Horseback Riding in the Hills with Os Turridning, Røros

Røros loves its horses. The stout Icelandic ponies used in the region are intelligent, friendly, and just a bit stubborn, and one of the best ways to trek through the Norwegian mountains. And for an amazing primer on riding in Røros, we went on a mountain trek with Ole Martin Nymoen of Os Turridning. Martin […]

Trekking in the Underground Mines While Visiting Norway

When you’re in Røros, there’s one thing you have to do: go underground. The city of Røros has a 333 year mining history, fueled by wars, the hunt for copper, and kings. When it stopped in 1977, the crews first expected to be back in one year, five years. They left their picks, photographs, and […]

Visiting Norway: Checking in at the Røros Hotell

During our stay in Røros, we were guests of Mikael Forselius at his hotel, the Røros Hotell. Within walking distance of the center of town, when you walk in, you’re transported into a ski lodge. Wood beams and light colors dominate the open entry space, with has display shelves with local crafts, and a view […]

European Travel Ideas: The Brittania Hotel Spa, Trondheim

Trondheim’s crown jewel is the Brittania Hotel, located near the center of town. This is where dignitaries and celebrities stay when they visit, just steps from the Royal Palace. Walking through the space, it’s a grande dame of a hotel, and it’s filled with art. I’d love to do a walking tour just of the […]

Mussels and Tarts at Havfruen, A Trondheim Delicacy

Havfruen is jovial. With a name meaning “Mermaid,” Havfruen is a fish restaurant located on the Nidelven, giving you an amazing view of the Bakklandet neighborhood. The space continues with its nautical theme, with ship memorabilia as accents around the sleek spaces and bar. And the joviality is incarnated in its owner, Mr. Herbert Klein, […]

Alaskan Husky Dog Sled Tours Is The Only Way To Visit Norway

Ever wanted to be in the Iditarod, and don’t want to move to Alaska? Then you need to go to Alaskan Husky Tours in Røros and trek out with our host, Ketil Reitan. Following Ketil on a cart was one of the most exhilarating moments of the year – even though I was going very, […]

Staying Healthy for the Holidays: Drink Your Vitamins, Fruits, and Veggies!

Right now, in the thick of the holiday season, at Crave Local we’re trying to eat as healthy as possible without spending all day cleaning. (There needs to be time for pie.) And in the spirit of good health, I’ve been testing out a juicer from Tribest that was released earlier this year. Right out of the […]

Eat This Now: Kyotofu

Kyotofu has undergone a huge, delicious identity shift recently. Until this year they were primarily a restaurant in New York City known for their twists on asian desserts, from tofu cheesecake to a black sesame soft serve that changed how I looked at dessert. Recently they closed the restaurant to focus on baked goods, and […]

Taste Test: Trophy Cupcakes Purple & Gold and Blueberry Pie

Not only is the University of Washington nearly back in session, but Husky Stadium is almost finished with construction – and with this reopening Trophy Cupcakes is opening a new store at the stadium, and made UW cupcakes to celebrate. As Crave Local’s resident Husky, I was put to the test of finding out if […]

Destination Norway: Mormors Stue

Mormors Stue is totally where I would have hung out as a college student, and semi-secret home to one of the best dessert deals in Trondheim. The first challenge is finding it. It’s on Nedre (Lower) Enkeltskillingsveita, which only has a sign on one side of the street if you’re walking there along Olav Tryggvasons […]

Hit the Beers, then the Game at Henry’s Tavern

Henry’s Tavern, across the street from Safeco Field, is a food heaven for beer and sports enthusiasts. Not only does the bar have over one hundred beers on tap, but they specially built the bar with an ice ring to rest your brew on and help keep it cool. It’s also definitely the place to […]

Faith Durand’s Bakeless Sweets: Dessert, Hold the Oven

Right now is the time of year when I avoid turning the oven on at all costs. So I turned to Faith Durand’s Bakeless Sweets for inspiration and ways to keep on making cool desserts through this end of summer heat. From the Executive Editor of The Kitchn, Bakeless Sweets covers the range of oven-free delights, […]