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Cassandra Rosen is the co-founder and Editor for Crave Local Media Network, an internationally recognized food, wine, and lifestyle blog.

With a diverse career spanning from advisory for US and international hedge funds, followed by nearly a decade in design and architecture, Cassandra has put her expertise at understanding buyer purchasing patterns and strategic partnerships to work for highly successful startups, as well as Fortune 500 brands.

Along with her husband, she is now co-founder and lead partner at FK Interactive, a wine and spirits brand consulting and product development agency, located in Winter Park, Florida. She specializes in consumer analytics and strategic partnerships, and believes in supporting startups, whenever possible.

Hot Trends in Spring and Summer Cocktails

Whether it’s a brunch with Mom, a spring or summer fling, or a stylish garden party, the right cocktail can lend a touch of class and elegance to any daytime occasion. We interviewed Amanda Victoria, Brand Ambassador for St-Germain, to get her top tips on how to craft simple, elegant, and refreshing cocktails to elevate your next party! CL:  What […]

Does Higher Thread Count Mean Higher Quality Bedding?

For many years, it has been commonly thought that the higher the thread count, the better the quality of sheets and bedding. We interviewed Vicki Fulop, founder of startup Brooklinen, to get her thoughts. CL: We’ve always heard that high thread count means better sheets and bedding. A lot of brands charge hundreds for bedding with […]

The Best Gingerbread Cookie Recipe You’ll Ever Make

There’s not much better than warm gingerbread cookies, right out of the oven. For softer gingerbread cookies, keep the time low, and let them rest to cool for a little longer.

How to Make a Watermelon Keg | Summer Party Planning

If you are planning some fun in the sun, this DIY watermelon keg tutorial is perfect for your next outdoor party.

Perfect Brunch Wines for Your Easter Weekend

As spring is upon us, and the weather warms, weekend brunches with family an friends are some of the best ways to enjoy the season. Although many think of mimosas and bloody mary’s as the drink of choice for brunch pairings, rosés, sparkling wines, and light Champagnes work beautifully with brunch fare. Great brunch wines […]

Easy Appetizers: Spicy Queso Fundido Recipe

Inspired by celebrity Chef Rick Bayless’ Tequila Queso Fundido recipe, here’s my personal take on the perfect dip to serve for the Big Game! Using añejo tequila adds a layer of sweet agave flavor, while this particular brand carries notes of grassy, hot Serranos, creating a bright, fresh taste that’s salty, umami, spicy, gooey, and entirely addictive. […]

Alternatives to Tempurpedic: Leesa Mattress Review

When we last shopped for a mattress, it meant hours and hours of research, mainly spent at local mattress stores, department stores like Macy’s, Sears, and others, and a lot of annoying sales people, attempting to convince themselves that yapping your ear off while you were trying to relax was a good strategy. Seriously, people-please […]

Getting Healthy Series: A Green Juice Recipe You’ll Actually Drink

Ok, so you’ve been a little naughty on the diet lately. Maybe too many wings during game season? Loaded up on the cheesy nachos? Perhaps a bit too many chocolates, and now those jeans don’t fit quite right? One of our favorite ingredients this year is kale. By itself, it may not be as exciting […]

10 Ways to Use Coconut Oil For Skin Care

In her latest book, The Recipe for Radiance: Discover Beauty’s Best-Kept Secrets in Your Kitchen, beauty expert Alexis Bean shares over 100 tips from the world’s best beauty experts on how to use foods-inside and out-to create healthy, glowing skin. With coconut oil and oil pulling being a hot topic in the news this summer, […]

Crispy Coconut Chicken Fingers Recipe Even Your Kids Will Love

These crispy coconut chicken fingers are light, spicy, tasty, and the curry powder gives it a touch of zing that even your kids will enjoy.

The Perfect Cherry Vanilla Cheesecake

As the child of a rather avid baker, our house was never at a loss for croissants, French breads, pastries, and cookies. While other children had to wait until a holiday to enjoy something sweet, my mother was constantly baking, or teaching others to bake, sending off sweets and treats in the mail to friends […]

Editor’s Picks: Sustainable Wines for Fall Entertaining

With tailgating, weekend entertaining, and backyard barbecues top of mind, a properly paired wine can take a meal from good to great, elevating the experience for guests. Choosing a sustainable wine to serve, however, means even more: doing good for the planet. Sustainable wines tend to use less pesticides, recycle, and contribute to the environment. Finding these wines […]

Utilizing Brand Ambassadors through Mobile Marketing

The top challenge for a brand or business, above and beyond the daily hurdles, is getting your product in the hands (and mouths) of your potential customers. Your goal is to get them to taste it, love it, and then share with their friends to let them know how much they need to experience it […]

What To Make With Ripe Mangoes (Recipes)

Learn how to wake up a dormant fruit tree, keep squirrels from stealing all your produce, and how to make delicious recipes, using organic mangoes!