About Chef Dan

Dan Anderson is a classically trained sous chef, living with his beautiful wife and daughter in Sarasota, Florida. His passion for food and desire to innovate regularly leave their gourmet kitchen covered in a slurry of flour and dough, and inspired a 10 foot tall wood burning Tuscan oven in their back yard garden.

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How To Make A Crab Cake Recipe From Live King Crab

This version of the crab cake offers spice, savory freshness from the herbs, and great texture all while allowing the full flavor of the crab to come through.

Fourchu Lobster Tacos with a Mango Jicama Slaw and Chipotle Aioli

This is a simple yet elegant recipe, almost the entire meal including par-cooking the lobster, preparing the slaw and chipotle aioli can be fixed ahead of time.

Flavor Bomb Your Next BBQ

We had 15 guests and it took me less than one hour to prepare all the food. All we had to do was set a table and turn on our grill to heat up all the meats from Pig of the Month.

How To Cook Pheasant, The Lean Chicken Alternative

Many people would say that pheasant is just like chicken. After all, once the bird is cleaned and ready for cooking they look quite similar in shape and size. However, nothing could be further from the truth. As a chef, I am constantly looking for new flavor combinations, and pheasant is a perfect example of a stand in protein for that far […]

A Well Deserved “Yes Chef”

This memoir about this now world renown chef reveals a heart felt story about struggles and defeats against all odds. Born by the name of Kassahun Tsegie, Marcus Samuelsson tells an honest story about the ups and downs of his life that helped build the person he has become today. The  story begins as a […]

Miller/Coors Beer Launches Third Shift Amber Lager

Miller/Coors Beer branches out with new beer products brewed in small batches by a band of passionate brewers. First in the series is Third Shift Amber Lager.

Stone Ground Chocolate Molten Cake With a Minted Whipped Cream

Whenever I think of pure, unadulterated flavor, I think of Organic Stone Ground Chocolate. It has that smooth, clean flavor that lingers in your mouth and those bits of ground cacao that explode with pungency after each chew. If you have yet to experience beware of an impending addiction.  Your taste buds will be so […]

Summer Recipe Inspiration: Grilled Ribeye and Peach Chevre Salad

One of the great things about being a chef in the summer is the availability of Nature’s Bounty. From succulent, plump fruit, to the endless varieties of fresh greens and lettuces, the choices are endless and always provide a new and exciting combination.  For this reason, my go-to meals quite often include a salad with […]