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Chef Ted Reader’s Stone Grilled Butter Burgers

Celebrity chef, food entertainer, author, professor, product developer, entrepreneur or “Godfather of the grill” – however you refer to or interact with Chef Ted Reader, at the heart of it all is his love of everything barbecue.  Mouthwatering steaks and t-shirt wrecking burgers set this chef’s soul ablaze.  His passion for cooking over an open flame […]

Living Green: 4 Must-Have Gardening Accessories for Spring

A quality hat, a durable pair of shoes and flexible gloves with a great grip are all staples every gardener needs in their tool kit. As every good gardener knows, though, there are a wealth of other basics that can either make or break your gardening experience.  We’ve whittled through the product landscape to discover […]

Holiday Spiced Mulled Red Wine Recipe

Creating an enjoyable blend of mulled red wine is easy and this winter warmer-upper is always well received. Use this recipe as your base.

Living Green: 5 Ideas for Winter Gardening

There are many ways to keep your gardening passions alive even through the harshest cold spells. Use our checklist below to inspire your winter green thumb.

Editor’s Picks: Stocking Stuffers for Coffee Lovers

Chances are you have plenty of coffee lovers on your holiday shopping list.  Indeed, our infatuation with the bean has Americans consuming over a half million cups of coffee per day.  When you are stuck for a gift and your recipient is a coffee fan, you’ve instantly struck gift-giving-java-gold for accelerating your present to their list of of […]

The Best Gifts For Your Favorite Holiday Hostess!

Here is a list of our top favorite gifts for your favorite holiday hostess. Make sure she knows how much you appreciate her efforts!

Quick and Easy Gluten Free Dark Chocolate Covered Vodka Strawberries

Gluten free vodka-soaked dark chocolate covered strawberries are created in a flash by simply using a silicone ice cube tray – no fuss, no muss – genius!

6 Gift Worthy Coffees You Need to Try This Holiday Season – 2014 Edition

Coffee’s brewing, are you listening? In the café, cups are glistening. A beautiful sight, The notes are happy and bright, Sipp’n on our holiday seasonal blend! We’ve hunted around the coffee winter wonderland and once again, we’re here to answer your most pressing question of the season – “what is the most note-worthy brew?” Caffe Unimatic San Pietro […]

Editor’s Picks: Annual Coffee Lovers Holiday Gift Guide – 2014

What goes better with dessert than a great cup of coffee? Using the right brewing system, along with freshly ground beans, can make all the difference. For the second year in a row, the editorial staff at Crave Local had the chance to test some of the newest and best coffee makers and coffee gadgets […]

Quik Pik Me Up Coffee Cocktail

Five seconds into the holiday season and you’re already burning the candle at both ends.  By the time happy hour rolls around, you find yourself more prepared for a nap than festivities with friends.  This is a fine time for a “Quik Pik Me Up.”  Coffee-infused vodka with a twist will certainly perk anyone up […]

Downtown Chicago Date Night at Sullivan’s Steakhouse

Downtown Chicago certainly has no shortage of food, festivities and entertainment but through all the noise and hulabaloo, it’s not always easy to find a laid-back suitable spot for an exceptional date night meal experience.  Sullivan’s is an oasis, offering a tranquil setting and some of the best steaks, jazz and martinis in town. Stepping inside the […]

5 Freedom Moonshine Cocktail Recipes to Heat Up your Holiday Season

Though its roots run back further, the word “moonshine” is most frequently associated with American bootlegging, where illegal whiskey was distilled at night, often by the light of the moon.   If there’s one way to fire up your nights and heat up your holiday gatherings, it’s serving up a signature cocktail with this all-American […]

Chef James “JR” Robinson’s Butter Poached Lobster and Glazed Cider Plank

New York native Chef James “JR” Robinson,  best known as the Founder and Executive Chef of Kitchen Cray first indulged his culinary creativity in his teenage years, putting his personal spin on his grandmother’s recipes.  The easy-going, inspiring chef grew up in and out of homeless shelters since the age of 12 but never let that […]

3 Must Try Seasonal Beers for Fall

‘Tis the season of bonfires, pumpkins, hay rides and corn mazes.  Oktoberfest may have ended, but all of autumn simply begs to be accompanied by a great seasonal brew. Whether you are headed out to tailgate or simply want to savor the crisp notes of the season from the comfort of your patio chaise, we’ve discovered […]