Pampered Pooches: The Best Gifts to Get Your Pup

Calling all dog lovers! We know you spoil your babies, and as new dog parents, so do we. Our black and silver mini Schnauzer pup, Kala, is the love of our office, and enjoys many an afternoon snoozing under a desk or chasing squirrels on the sidewalk outside. Her health and happiness is of the utmost importance, which means choosing the best food, toys, pet beds, and grooming products from local makers that will hopefully provide years of fun and long life. The products we’ve selected below were personally tested and tried by our pooches (who love to try new things!), and will give you the best bang for your buck when you’re looking for doggy gifts and the best gifts to get your pup for the holiday season.

Lazybonezz-faux-croc-luxury-dog-bedLazybonezz Croc Lounger in Espresso – $79

Editor’s Pick!
One of our favorite pet gifts is the faux croc luxury pet bed in Espresso from LazyBonezz. In chocolate brown velour and embossed vegan crocodile leather, this bed is overstuffed, cushy, and welcoming for young and older pets. Unlike most pet beds, Lazybonezz has made sure to provide a thick pad the base of their luxury dog beds, great for arthritis or dogs with joint issues. With zip off covers and a removable interior cushion that washes to remove fur and grime, we really liked this color, as it was a modern and classy upgrade to typical pet beds, and hid Kala’s dog hair, keeping the bed looking fresh and new.

The velour is thick and plush, and does not snag, and the vegan faux croc easily wipes clean, making it one of our favorite pet beds we’ve seen this year! If you like to coordinate, Lazybonezz also has a faux croc leather dual bowl set, and an attractive toy organizer that will keep your pup’s things in it’s place, and looking great. In black, espresso brown, or glossy silver and grey, $79 on their website.

Ballerina Pink Sparkle CollarBonjour Fido Lux Collars and Leashes – Starting at $32

Teal Chevron Glitter CollarEditor’s Pick!
Having just launched their latest Holiday line, bonjour fido’s  Teal Chevron Glitter Collar and Ballerina Pink Sparkle Collar are just two of their gorgeous gifts for pups big and small. Check out the Teal Chevron (one of our favs!) on Diego!

The inspiration for bonjour fido! started when Rachael Moin’s puppy, Napoleon, came into her life back in 2012. As her first dog, she was surprised at how difficult it was to find truly fashionable, fun, and unique dog collars & leashes in Manhattan-which had some of the best dog stores around! Dreaming for years of leaving the advertising business and launching her own brand, Rachael was finally able to accomplish her goal with bonjour fido. Collars are made from sturdy nylon braid, with handstitched ribbon and gold or silver heavy duty buckles and rings. They’re also hand washable, in case your diva princess also likes to dig in the mud like ours does! Pick up one of these USA designed and made collars, and support a local NYC maker with great products for your pooch.

organic dog grooming products from essential8Essential8 Organic Dog Grooming Set – $28

Locally made organic doggy products from Essential8 are handcrafted, natural products for home, body and pets! We think our Organic Dog Grooming Set is pretty awesome, and I bet your readers will too! We combine three of our best organic dog grooming products into a gift set that will spoil even the most discerning pooch.  Essential8’s Liquid Dog Shampoo is an organic, sulfate-free formula that combines a gentle soap base with flea and tick-repelling essential oils. Dry Dog Shampoo is a fur refresher and deodorizer that keeps dogs smelling fresh and clean between baths. We tried it on two of our office dogs, and did notice a reduction in odor and fur matting. The Healing Paw Balm is great for dry noses, paws, and boo boos-like walking on hot sand, or if your pup gets stickers in their precious paws.

Products can be found online at their website at

Petcurean’s Gourmet Grain-Free Jerky Treats – $10.99

Want to induce drooling and tail wagging? We guarantee your puppy will go nuts over these new grain free jerky treats, in flavors like Duck, Catfish, Venison, and Turkey! Petcurean, a leading Canadian manufacturer of high quality, premium pet food – is debuting Spike, its first treat line, with flavors that make them the perfect treat or holiday stocking stuffer for a pet lover.  The superfood ingredients in SPIKE treats include whole chia seeds, pomegranate and kale. Chia, one of the richest plant sources of omega-3 fatty acids, is high in dietary fiber for digestive health and weight management, and a great source of protein, essential amino acids, calcium, phosphorous and manganese. Pomegranates have high antioxidant levels, and are a great source of vitamin C. Kale is packed full of vitamins and minerals.

petcurean grain free SPIKE jerky dog treatsUnlike many treats on the market, SPIKE treats are free from glycerin and bursting with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to promote overall health. All SPIKE jerky treats are grain- and gluten-free. Plus, all SPIKE treats are made with premium-quality protein and all-natural ingredients, free from by-products, added growth hormones, artificial preservatives, flavors or colors.

Although Petcurean’s treats are made for full grown doggies, our office pup absolutely loved the taste of the tiny SPIKE nibbles we gave her, particularly Catfish and Duck flavors. These all natural treats make for an extra special something to reward all that sitting, staying, and roll over behavior you’ve both been working hard on all year! Coming soon to local and online retailers. Keep an eye on Petcurean on Amazon for more details, coming grain free dog food

Wellness TruFood Grain-Free Handmade Dog Food – Starting at $11.99

For everyday love, give the gift of healthy pet foods with Wellness Natural Pet Food, and their latest line of grain-free, all-natural food and treats. Wellness TruFood is blended by hand and baked in small batches, just like homemade meals. Made with colorful ingredients you can see like chicken, beets, coconut oil, kale (you can actually see the dehydrated leaves!), pumpkin and live active yogurt cultures, TruFood recipes are living proof that real nutrition is the most fundamental source of health and happiness for your pets.

Our little gal taste tested TruFood for approximately 2 weeks, and was obviously a fan. We tried switching her back to her regular grain-free puppy food, and could tell she preferred the taste of TruFood’s puppy blend to almost anything else. Real food rules!

glam-dog-collars-glitter-vegan-leatherFriendship Collar, Sparkling Pooch in Ruby Red – Starting at $35

Like the glittering, ruby red slippers from the Wizard of Oz, Friendship Collar‘s newest holiday line features a glossy red glitter look that won’t wear off on fur or clothes. With a wide range of sizes, gold-plated D-rings, buckle closures, and a perfectly matching bracelet for her ‘human’, this glamorous set will have your pooch partying till the wee hours of the morning! Don’t wait up! 100% vegan with sturdy construction for fun-loving pups and easy washing. 

Pet House Candle One Fur All Pet House Candles – Starting at $19.99

Every pet parent has had a moment where they smell something that’s not quite right. That funk after a day playing outside can quickly start to waft through the house-a less than ideal way to greet house guests. If you love your pup, but not the stinky smell that she brings in, Pet House Candles are your solution! We tested a few small votives, as well as their 70 hour jar, and found that, within minutes, it had cleared our large room and kitchen of unwanted odors and doggy smells.

People love their dogs and treat them like family. But they don’t love the odors that sometimes come with having dogs in the family.
Pet House Candles are a fragrant solution to the problem of pet odors. The candles are beautifully designed and add rather than take away from decor.

The non-toxic candles are made from soy in America, with scents that will accent, not overpower. Our favorites: Apple Cider, a refreshing and delicious blend of fresh apple juice mixed with just the right amount of cinnamon and clove, and Holidays Fur All, combining traditional holiday scents of fir needles, cinnamon, clove and nutmeg. Check out their Pet House Candle’s Amazon reviews, and scoop a few up quickly-they’re going fast!

Moso Bag's Natural Odor Removing Charcoal

Moso Bag’s Natural Odor Removing Charcoal – Starting at $10.95

Last, but certainly not least is the Moso Bag! A unique alternative to toxic chemical filled air fresheners, it comes in a variety or sizes (depending on the designated area for it) filled with natural bamboo charcoal to absorbs odors and improve air quality in less than a day! It even dehumidifies moist areas to prevent mold and mildew from forming in unwanted areas! Dubbed an “Oprah Favorite” and Katie Holmes is a fan, this is the perfect gift for sensitive noses and those with allergies that must avoid scents and smells. Moso also makes bags for shoes and refrigerators to naturally remove all traces of anything stinky and sweating in your home! Find more information on their website.


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