Top Three Crackers and Chips to Update Your Snack Habits

crackers-2So you’re sick of the same old chips you get all the time, or you’d like to get something new to go with all that awesome cheese in your fridge? Here are our top three current favorites that can help you change your snacking habits for good, and even some that are simply good for you.

crackersIf you like thin, peppery crisps with flavor – Polka Dot Bake Shop sweet potato crackers, available online, four pack for $23.96.

With a satisfying size for munching and a ton of pepper, I really liked the Cracked Black Pepper with the jack cheese I had on hand. It went great even with the pepperoni, not too sweet or too spicy. I could see pairing the crackers with a riesling or something peachy to cut through the spice between bites. Bonus: they have a gluten free option of the black pepper flavor as well, so your celiac friends won’t be left out.

In case pepper’s not your thing, they also have three other flavors: Original, Rosemary & Olive Oil, and Chipotle with Smoked Paprika. I personally found the original a little mild for eating on its own, the sweet potato coming through delicately, though I’d love it with gruyere or any other sharp, salty cheese.

crackers-6If you want a thicker cracker that can survive any dip you throw in its path – Urban Oven Cheddar Chive crackers, $5.95 per box, available in specialty food stores.

These are hearty crackers; I could probably put three on a plate with some cheese and an antipasto platter and call it good. But they also have really great flavor that comes through, from olive oil to cheddar chive. Because of their large size, you might be tempted to pile each cracker high with toppings, but I think it’s safer to play with dips or things that can handle the cracker breaking in the middle on the first bite.

Give the Asiago Cheese crackers to someone you’re trying to wean off those highly processed cheese crackers. Their tastebuds will thank you.

crackers-5You really want way healthier chips for your salsa – Way Better Snacks Simply Unbeatable Blues Tortilla Chips. Available online, Six bags for $20.94, or in specialty grocery stores nationwide.

So you’re trying to get healthier, and that includes your snacking. You’re going to see the difference with these blues – literally. They’re studded with sprouted seeds and grains, from broccoli to daikon radish, hitting you with 420mg of Omega 3 fatty acids and 17g of whole grains per serving.

If that wasn’t enough of a boost, you get the karma boost of buying Gluten Free, Non-GMO Project Verified, Kosher and Vegan chips, which should cover you even if you’re going to a potluck in Portland.

As for the chips? Once you get over this new idea of your seed-studded snacks, they’re tasty. A bit milder than traditional blue chips, but you get the heft and crunch that means your salsas won’t suffer because you bought a new brand. And there are five other flavors of tortilla chips, from sweet potato to black bean, which are worth your time if you want to branch out.


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