Cool Down With Our Top Ten Favorite Spring Cocktails

Spring is moving into summer creating our favorite time of year…  The flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping, and spending time outdoors is the only thing at the top of our minds.  Between pulling out the grill, relaxing by the pool, taking a drive to the beach, or having a picnic at the local park, we know we are bound to have fun, now all we have to decide is what delicious cocktails to enjoy during our festivities?

Don’t worry friends, your quest for the perfect spring cocktail is over.  We have not one but ten of our favorite spring cocktails listed below.  They come in a variety of fashions, primarily dedicated to being refreshing, low calorie (must keep an eye on our bikini), and of course providing the perfect mood for our fun in the sun attitude.

We guarantee there is something in this list for everybody, and if we missed something, it must have slipped our minds as we watched the sun set.  Enjoy!

Raspberry Blush Martini

raspberry martini

Although originally made with gin, vodka has become the modern-day spirit of choice in martinis. As a smooth, clean spirit, it allows for ingredients like fresh fruit and juices to blend together beautifully, creating an endless number of choices for cocktails. This martini recipe is made with fruit infused vodka, creating a layer of flavor upon which to build the cocktail.

Rasberry Blush Martini Recipe


Yellow Bloody MarySol Mary yellow tomato bloody mary recipe

Fernand Petiot is often credited as the inventor of the drink, beginning in Paris as equal parts tomato juice and vodka back in the 1920’s. Upon his return to the US, Petiot decided to ‘kick things up a notch’, and spiced up the concoction with lemon juice, pepper, and Tabasco, and the rest, as they say, is cocktail history.

Yellow Bloody Mary Cocktail Recipe


Strawberry Bourbon Mint Julep Cocktailstrawberry bourbon mint julep

If you’re looking for something a bit different this spring, try a fruit infused cocktail like this one, with strawberries, mint, lemon, and enough spirits to send your thoroughbred racing to the finish!

Strawberry Bourbon Mint Julep Cocktail Recipe


Watermelon Mint “Agua Fresca”


When you’re looking to add health benefits to a drink recipe, fresh ingredients are a must. Having studied much over the years on topics like TCM (Chinese medicine), Ayurveda, food as medicine, and plant based diets helps, but you don’t have to have a background as a nutritionist to make a better cocktail.

Watermelon contains lycopene, antioxidants, amino acids, and vitamin C, as well as a high natural water content.Mint is great for digestion, reduces inflammation, and has been proven to stimulate weight loss and improve memory. Lime juice, when fresh, is chock full of vitamin C, and has been shown to also help with weight loss, skin care, improved digestion, and can even regulate blood sugar.

Serve this agua fresca with a splash of vodka, gin, or rum, or on it’s own as a mocktail.

Watermelon Mint Aqua Fresca Recipe


Scottish White Sangria

Scottish White Sandgria

Chopped up with fresh fruits, this cocktail was created with the intention of being a refreshing beverage to be served in a group atmosphere.  Typically a beverage from Spain and Portugal, it normally consists of wine, chopped fruit, a sweetener, and a small amount of added brandy.

Scottish White Sangria Recipe


The Perfect Pearl Manhattan

Bar Seven Five Perfect Pearl Manhattan Recipe

The Manhattan is a cocktail that is a staple at almost every bar and restaurant in the US. Traditionally mixed with 1 part (the ‘perfect’ is said to be half white/half red) vermouth to 2 parts whiskey, with a dash of bitters, served ice cold, in an ice cold glass, or with ice and a cherry garnish, this cocktail variation is one that you will reuse to impress company and enjoy during those cool summer nights.

The Perfect Pearl Manhattan Cocktail Recipe


Orange Crush Punch

pineapple rum punch

This delicious concoction was created with the Caribbean on the mind, transporting imbibers from their cubicles to a warm and sunny tropical island. Made with Don Q Añejo rum, this tropical punch recipe is simple and easy to make -which means less prep time, and more time for you to cheer on your favorite team!

Orange Crush Punch Cocktail Recipe


Captiva Cooler

South Seas Captiva Island Recipes

Making for a cool island delight, the Captiva Cooler cocktail is a simple beverage to make whether you have a tiki bar or not.  Created and served at the new tiki bar at South Seas Island Resort on Captiva Island, this cocktail will make you feel like you are sitting at the Gulf of Mexico’s seawall, sipping this sweet treat along the sandy-white shores.

Captiva Cooler Cocktail Recipe


The Guilt-Free Margarita

Summer 2014 Margarita Recipes

Margaritas are delicious, refreshing, and perfect for when the weather is warm outside. The challenge is, they’re also generally high in calories, which can add up quickly. Enter: the Guilt-free Skinny Margarita!

With no salt (which can make you feel bloated and less than bikini ready), or orange liqueur (triple sec is an extra 100 calories per ounce!), the alcohol and sugar content are lower, saving you an extra 200 calories!

The Guilt-Free Margarita Recipe


Honey Beer Cocktail

honey beer cocktail beertails

Everyone loves a cold beer in the summer. A beer cocktail can be a refreshing twist, with flavors like honey, lemon, and gin playing off sweet, spicy barbecue and grilled foods. Try this honey beer cocktail from Aviation Gin with a gourmet burger recipe, a slice of key lime pie, or our very special cherry cola ribs recipe-a sure crowd pleaser!

Honey Beer Cocktail Recipe


If your favorite spring cocktails didn’t make the list, write to us in a comment below as we are always in the mood for a good cocktail.  Don’t forget to subscribe to learn about more seasonally relevant and trending cocktails to come throughout 2015.

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