The Ultimate Breakfast in Bed, by Sarabeth's Kitchen

This is everything you need to make a great breakfast in bed.

To get your caffeine fix, you’ve got a bag of premium coffee and a tin of English Breakfast tea. For your toast, three jars of my favorite jams. For your bowl of yogurt, my healthy and crunchy granola.

And the crowning jewel? My exclusive breakfast cookies. Outside of my bakery, OpenSky is the only place where you can get these. They’re perfectly crunchy, snappy cookies that are quite healthy, too. The cookies are made from grains, oats, shredded wheat and whole-wheat flour so you don’t feel like you’re eating cookies in the morning.

Package Includes:
-(1) Morning Crunch Granola (contains nuts)
-(1) Premium Estate Coffee (16 oz)
-(1) English Breakfast Tea
-(3) Jars of jam (4 oz)
-(6) Exclusive Breakfast Cookies (grains, oats, shredded wheat, sunflower seeds and whole-wheat flour)

*Tray and mug not included

$65.00 retail value, find out your exclusive price Here

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