What’s better than tequila? Some would say an infused añejo tequila that’s high quality, completely unexpected, and a kick-in-the-pants to traditional spirits!

Soltado pepper and cinnamon Infused Anejo Tequila

Bringing Infused Añejo Tequila To The US

While attending the University of Rochester, undergraduate David Weissman’s passion shifted from finance to entrepreneurship. He was selected for participation in the Kauffman Entrepreneurial Year, a tuition-free, post-graduate program that combines business advice and acumen with the opportunity to start and run a company.

His concept: not another iPhone app, tech product, or bacon-themed subscription box, but rather the world’s first serrano pepper and cinnamon infused añejo tequila.

After approximately two and a half years of research and development, Weissman’s team produced Soltado Tequila™, a fiery, yet incredibly smooth añejo tequila, full of flavor, spice, and perfect for your next cocktail creation.  This summer, Soltado Tequila officially launched to rave reviews, palates on fire, and mixologists in upstate New York clamoring for the brand.

Soltado has already begun to receive industry recognition and critical acclaim.  Long time consultant and spirits writer, Robert Plotkin, said on Nightclub.com of Soltado, “Guaranteed you won’t soon forget your first sip of this delightfully innovative, surgically balanced spirit. That said, be appraised that Soltado is muy caliente. The nearly combustible combination of barrel-aged tequila, Serrano peppers and cinnamon is evident in every aspect of this fiery gem.”

Tasting Notes

Soltado Infused Anejo TequilaOn the palate, initial notes of Soltado’s añejo tequila base reflect warm, balanced aromas of fresh 100% blue agave and toasted caramel. Whole, roasted green serranos rapidly dial up the heat, pleasantly tingling the palate and adding bright, green, vegetal notes, while natural cinnamon adds a sweet and dusty finish, rounding out this smooth, fiery spirit with yet another layer of flavor and spice.

How It’s Made

The first and only añejo tequila infusion on the market, Soltado Tequila™ appeals to the adventurist, the epicurean, and the globally inspired consumer. There are no artificial flavors, candy-coated colors, or additives in Soltado. Only tequila, infused with flavors straight from nature.

Made in Juanacatlán, a small town in the midlands of Jalisco, Mexico, Soltado is an ultra-premium, naturally infused 100% blue agave añejo tequila, fermented with rare Chilean wine yeast, aged 28 months in American white oak, and then macerated with locally sourced Mexican green serrano peppers and cinnamon. Created for cocktail-making and mixology, this fiery spirit will add exciting layers of flavor and heat to your next beverage.

Unlike large, corporate tequila conglomerates, Soltado’s distillery is owned and run by a co-operative of 350 farmers, whose livelihood comes from the quality of the products that they harvest and distill. The agave is sourced from small farms, and hand-picked to ensure only the best makes it into the bottle.

To date, the brand has won the following awards:

  • Double Gold, New York Wine & Spirits World 2015
  • Flavored Tequila of the Year, BarBiz Spirits Competition 2015
  • Silver Medal, WSWA 2015

Soltado aims to continue to support sustainability, conservation, and entrepreneurship, giving a portion of profits each quarter to causes that align with their brand values.  Parent company DM Spirits, LLC plans to continue to expand their line of ultra premium infused tequilas, supporting small farms and farmers in Mexico. They are currently developing flavors for both the U.S. and international markets.

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