Healthy Ways To Brighten Up Your Snack Habits

Easy Healthy Snack RecipesSometimes you just want a light snack, but you’re bored by the options, and that bag of potato chips you forgot about in the corner is looking pretty amazing. Don’t do that – there are way better options out there.

Haloumi and apples: it may not be summer yet, but haloumi, or grilling cheese, is magic. It’s like eating the best of grilled cheese sandwiches with almost the squeak you get from good cheese curds, and warm cheese is always lovely. Cut off a few slices (we used Yanni grilling cheese) of your haloumi of choice, then pan-fry in a skillet on low to medium heat for a few minutes on each side. Cut up an apple while you’re waiting, and place the cheese on the apples once they’re brown and crispy. For a heartier version, you can use both to top crackers, like Urban Oven’s cheddar chive.

Lactose-free yogurt: I’m trying to decrease my dairy intake, but I love cheese and yogurt about as much as I love bacon. The good thing here is that goat and sheep’s milk yogurts are starting to become more popular, even in kefir form.

Ridiculously superfood smoothies: While there are arguments going on over smoothies, juice, and sugar content in one’s diet, we at Crave Local still love smoothies, especially when vegetables can be added in. Here’s one of my recent blends:

½ cup mixed frozen berries
1 banana, ripe
4 ounces Cheribundi original cherry juice
1 carrot, cut/broken into chunks
1 T pomegranate powder, Navitas Naturals

Blend in your food processor or blender until ready. For even more nutrients, add a half cup of spinach or kale, a tablespoon of chia seeds, beets, or even a handful of garland chrysanthemum or shingiku leaves.

Another option: if you skip the cherry juice, it should stay fairly thick as a smoothie. You can freeze scoops of the smoothie in the freezer and eat as a snack later.

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