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Pig of the Month Pulled Pork and Love Me Tender BBQ SauceHave you ever wondered why every time you go to someone’s house for a BBQ, it’s always the same song and dance with Burgers and Hot Dogs?

After all, BBQ and ribs are full of so much more flavor and tenderness.

Well, it may have something to do with the fact that it requires the proper equipment, sourcing the right wood, prep time to heat up the smoker and of course weather permitting.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the ongoing attention the smoker needs during the 8 or so hours it takes to cook, assuring the temperature does not deviate to far from 220 degrees. A bit too hot will leave you with a dry product and a bit too cool and you won’t get good color and it will take all day long to finish.

Needless to say it is a daunting task and there is good reason why you don’t see a lot of people preparing it for you. However, that is all about the change and you can be the first to show it off.

Pig of the Month offers a full line of Pork and beef products for any and all palates. Whether you are looking for smokey and savory or sweet and salty, you will find something that will please you.

So our friends at PIG of the Month sent us a generous assortment of BBQ to throw a party of our own and show everyone that they too could be the next BBQ heros at their next party. Let me preface by saying that:

“we had 15 guests and it took me less than one hour to prepare all the food. All we had to do was set a table and  turn on our grill to heat up all the  meats.”

Upon delivery the products arrive frozen, well sealed in airtight packaging and ready to heat and serve. I also think it is important to mention that folks at PIG of the month take pride in their product and make the effort to provide hormone and antibiotic free meats. Furthermore, we were so impressed with the quality and artistic flare of the labeling we wanted to do them justice and provide plenty of photos of what you can expect the next time you place your order with them…

So after we unwrapped all the products we spend no more than 20 mins placing everything on the grill, on low heat, to warm up all the food. We used the pulled pork to make pulled pork sliders on water rolls. We took another 10 mins to arrange everything on platters and within 30 mins we had an amazing feast..


For anyone that knows about sausage, there are some easy indicators that differentiate good and bad sausage. First and foremost is the casing. Improper or poor casing leads to the sausage exploding upon cooking. That was not the case with any of these products. They all cooked evenly and held together the way they are supposed to.. GREAT JOB—-PIG OF THE MONTH…..YOU HAVE DEFINITELY MADE FANS FOR LIFE AT THIS PARTY!!!!!

NOW! For any of you that have followed my other posts you know by now that I like to post recipes. I enjoy sharing what I think are great flavor combinations to help you and your guests have an enjoyable time. However, I thought it was important to point out that my role in supplying recipes is not needed for this post. As already stated several times, this food is ready to go and it ROCKS!

So, next time your weekend calls for a BBQ don’t hesitate to call and email the folks at PIG of the Month and try these amazing products for yourself.


About Chef Dan

Dan Anderson is a classically trained sous chef, living with his beautiful wife and daughter in Sarasota, Florida. His passion for food and desire to innovate regularly leave their gourmet kitchen covered in a slurry of flour and dough, and inspired a 10 foot tall wood burning Tuscan oven in their back yard garden.   If you'd like your brand, event, or business considered for an editorial or upcoming feature, contact us


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