Corn and Crab Salad Recipe From Maven San Francisco

Crab & Corn Salad - Maven Restaurant San Francisco

Corn & Crab Salad Recipe

By David Kurtz, Maven

Serves 4


1 whole Dungeness crab

1 leek

2 Spanish onions

1fennel bulb

⅓ cup whole black peppercorns

½ bunch flat leaf parsley

4 bay leaves

4 lemons

2 avocados

½ teaspoon vegetable oil, plus more as needed

2 ears sweet corn

Salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste


1. Boil the crab in a stock of 2 gallons of water, adding the leek, onions, fennel, black peppercorns, parsley, bay leaves, and 3 of the lemons. Once cooked, transfer to an ice bath to let cool completely. Pick out the meat and reserve.

2. Blend 1 of the avocadoes with ½ teaspoon vegetable oil, ½ teaspoon lemon juice from the remaining lemon, and salt and pepper to taste. Blend to a smooth and creamy texture.

3. Remove the corn kernels from the cobs. Roast the corn in a heavy bottomed skillet on the stovetop with oil, salt, and pepper until deep golden brown.

4. To plate the salad, spread the avocado mousse first. Sprinkle the roasted corn on top. Cut the remaining avocado into large sections and arrange on top with the crabmeat.

Source and credit:, Maven Restaurant.