Top 5 Things to Check Out at the Bite of Seattle

Bite of SeattleThis weekend is the Bite of Seattle, the best chance to check out all those restaurants you’ve been swearing you’d visit in the last year and to catch up on fair favorites. Whether it’s your first time or you’ve been going for years, there’s always something new at the Bite. Here are the Seattle team’s top five things they’re hoping to check out. We’ll see you there!

The Alley on Saturday

The Alley is always a delicious place to try multiple restaurants on one plate for $10, and Tom Douglas as host and curator makes it a sure thing. We’re slightly more excited for Saturday’s lineup, with Palace Kitchen serving “slow cooked brisket, blueberry BBQ, sweet corn pudding & blueberry pickles,” Local 360’s root beer glazed pork belly slider and Shanik’s “roasted spiced eggplant, squash & tomatoes with crispy wheat flatbread.” Read the whole list and pick your favorites before you go, as the menu changes each day of the Bite.

All of the sessions at The Bite Cooks!

Whoever came up with this lineup is a genius, and needs to be interviewed on their own merit. From Jason Wilson at Crush to Autumn Martin of Hot Cakes, to a face-off between Brandon Kirksey of Rione XIII and Brian Clevenger of Tavolata, being able to see these for free is crazy, and worth going through the crowds for these sessions alone.

Ezell’s Express

We’ve all been hearing the buzz about Ezell’s new fleet of food trucks, which will be frying chicken to order. While they’ll only be serving things involving chicken strips, it’s still a great chance to check out the truck before you have to hunt down its regular route.

Pelmeni Dumpling Tzar

I know we’ve been excited about the upswing in Russian dumplings in Seattle, and Vostok and Pelmeni Dumpling Tzar are both doing a delicious job. Even though it will be crazy hot, definitely try out the potato dumplings and get some old school comfort food.


Three words: Peking. Duck. Taco. If that doesn’t make you beeline for this truck, maybe the idea of a kimchi chicken sandwich will.

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