Bellevue’s First Annual Eastside Food Truck Showdown

Bellevue-food-trucksThe Eastside is finally getting its fair share of food trucks, and it’s summer, which means it’s time to celebrate all these amazing trucks outdoors. And, in the way only Bellevue can, the Crossroads Farmers Market is making summer that much more awesome by hosting the first annual Eastside Food Truck Showdown, which is a great midweek chance to check out what needs to be our next local food truck pod.

On July 23rd from 4-7pm it’s definitely going to be a showdown, including heavy hitters like “Buns” Gourmet Burgers, Chopstix Mobile, Lumpia World, Street Treats, Grilled Cheese Experience, Falafel Salam, and Waffle Wagon, covering the bases from burgers to dessert. And if you’re not inspired enough from all that amazing food, this will be during their full market, with over three dozen local farmers and food vendors to help you come up with some amazing meal ideas, from Hayton Farms berries to Whidbey Island Ice Cream. We recommend mixing and matching, from farmers to food trucks, ice cream to falafel, for a culinary experience worthy of a Bellevue throw down.

It’s free to attend, so check out the Crossroads Farmers Market website for more information. We’ll see you all there!

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